Women Investors are better stock picker than Men

The Raw Honest Truth.

When dealing with money, Women investors are less emotional compared to Men. Women knows how to protect her nest and always makes the best financial decision compared to men who are more vulnerable and more susceptible to mistakes. I learned this from experience and seen the results with my very own eyes. We live in 2018 going into 2020 soon, I am still shocked by the facts that majority of women still keep their money as cash (Reference from Financial Times Weekend March 2018).

I would like to encourage all the female readers to strongly consider investing your hard earn savings and do not simply wait for the men to take action. Honestly, men’s focus and concentration drains away the third sip of beer. Men can be stubborn at times which is a disadvantage for investment ideas. Men are brand loyal, loves the underdog story, takes more risk and have 101 excuses for any financial mistake. 8 out of 10 men does not walk into a grocery store to pick out the exact items on the shopping list. Somehow we get distracted by marketing and lose focus on the main objective in the aisle.

The Evidence of Great Women Investors

Back in 1996 when I was growing up in South East Asia, I remembered visiting my grandparents in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At that time, my dad has a decent amount of properties in Malaysia as a passive income investment. During the two week visit, we would be visiting families, touring as well as business for my dad. Dad would be visiting his financial advisor, planner and also reality agent to catch up on his side business. 

During that trip my mum, notice that good and services were going through inflation too quickly. Food was expensive, people were taking far too much loan/credit, bidding war for properties were going on. My mum strongly suggested my dad to sell a few properties because she felt that the peak will not last forever. Also she wanted to collect profits from the investment and secure the cash in British Pounds before my education in 1999, which was about fours years away. My mum is a simple housewife with no economics degree, but she has a great common sense and excellent EQ to make assertive decision. My dad listen and then followed instructions. Later in 1997, the great financial crash of Malaysia occurred. The Malaysian currency collapse and lost 70% of its value and property prices plummeted. My mum was right and I did received my education later!

The second time, I witness this financial forecast phenomena was from my dear wife Melody. Despite earning her MBA from the prestige London Holloway University, she has decided to put her full time effort to watch over our two beautiful kids. Amazing at her multi taking skills, Melody sets aside time to read as much as she can on the chaotic world from finance to healthcare. When I started investing three years ago, I teased Melody what stocks would she own if she had $100,000. Her list below:-

  •  Adidas
  • Unilever
  • Pandora
  • HSBC
  • Facebook
  • Apple

From May 2015 to March 2018

Adidas Shares
38% 34%

I was not as smart as my dad. I only partially listen to wife Melody. Instead of Adidas shares, I bought Nike shares and still losing 15%. Passing on Unilever I bout GSK only grew less than 10%. Ignoring Pandora, I bought UK NEXT shares and lost about 50%. I did pick the last three stocks which covered my losses for the first three.

She justified all the 6 shares on why they are good business. In fact she did her research and added her own justification

  •  Adidas – Every millennial wants an Adidas and Nike is not in fashion
  • Unilever – High margin company and great branding company
  • Pandora – despite at loss, the company’s profit margin is huge.
  • HSBC – Diversified and international.
  • Facebook – She thinks Mark Zuck is a genius of our generation
  • Apple – Good quality product takes years to build.
Melody was right! (PS: She will never forget my blunder)

Final words

I hope this article will encourage my potential women investors readers to start their own individual stocks and shares investment. This a really simple form of passive income if done correctly. Please remember there is still risk associated with the amount of capital invested. Remember to understand the risk and with a well diversified portfolio, you would stand a good chance of success. Ensure to take time and conduct thorough research before investing too.

Even until today, I still run past any major decision via my 'Boss' or even conduct open discussion on investment topics to understand her point of view. 7 out of 10 times, Melody will come up with 'out of the box' thinking which have helped me in many ways. All the best everyone!


Dr Alex Koh
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  1. Thanks for sharing Alex. It takes a real man to admit his mistakes and say that the opposite gender is better. Lol. I really should consider moving to the UK. So far I learned from you that health care is within reasonable cost and from here, tax free investing up to 20K!

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