Why are YOU still NOT Investing your Money?

You heard about all the successful stories from friends and families about their investment success in 2017. Your neighbour is boosting about the number of bitcoins, litecoins & ripples they own. Your gym instructor is investing in start-up companies in India and China for higher return and risk. You are here hesitating and not investing and feeling left behind. A second voice in your head telling you all sorts of excuses about work report you have to complete the next day.

Well, this is perfectly normal! I only succeeded after the Fourth attempts at stocks and shares investment!

  1. When I was 18, I picked up a copy of the Guardian Weekend and there was two stock tips. One for Amazon and other for Tesco. I was adamant I would go to the bank and invest the £1,000 I saved from my part-time work. 6 weeks later I spent it all on booze and parties. I would have £100,000 worth of value if I invested in Amazon shares. I was not investing my money.
  2. In 2005, I won a Scholarship fund of £2,500 from the University. Thinking I would get it right this time and booked an appointment with an investment specialist at HSBC Bank. He explained to me about the FTSE index investment at a potential 4-8% yield or a 1 year fix deposit at 6% interest without risk. I chose the safer option. A year later I bought my first flat screen 1080p TV for gaming. I was not investing my money.
  3. I bought my first Iphone 3 in 2009 at $600. If i invested in Apple shares, I would have 30 apple shares @ $7200 in today’s price (170). Instead of a broken Iphone 3 phone 24 months later. I was not investing my money.
  4. Fourth time lucky. During the Oil crisis in early 2015, I told myself it’s an opportunistic time to finally buy stocks. I finally did load up on plenty of Oil company shares, HSBC shares (money laundering scandal period) and Apple shares. Now I have a healthy 6 figure portfolio….and growing!

Safety Funds

Final words…

Rich kids learn from their Rich parents and get richer from direct investment advice.

Smart People get rich by reading the appropriate books and puts it to practise.

However, the stubborn person like me needs to learn from lessons in life to understand that if I keep missing my boat opportunities for not investing and I will never achieve financial freedom from my primary job alone.

Looking at the infographics above. I have achieved the first three. Now I am fine tuning my Auto Pilot Portfolio. I spent the whole of 2017 tweaking and fine tuning the portfolio to allow growth and also sustain a potential financial crisis. From 2018 onwards, all I need is to save a much as I can. I am not investing immediately, instead I save it to a safety fund pot or  investment pot. Set multiple alerts on my phone when these shares falls and hits the trigger to buy. There is a range of 15-20 shares/index/funds in my portfolio.

Please share your story with us! I may even publish it here to share with every reader.

4 thoughts on “Why are YOU still NOT Investing your Money?”

  1. Thanks for sharing that the day to day decision today on how we spend our money can have a big impact on where you are in the future. Actions may lead to mistake but you are figuring it out, one step at a time. Hope your portfolio continues to grow.

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