What You Need to Know About the Modern Customer

New Age Modern Customer

It’s never been a better time to set up your own company and begin selling to the public. We are living in the age of the entrepreneur, when all you need is an idea and determination to make a business successful. Even money, so long a barrier for people who wanted to start their own business, isn’t as important as it used to be. However, while there’s a lot of potential when it comes to starting a company, it’s not all straightforward — the modern customer, for instance, is a tricky creature. They have expectations and ways of operating that are different from times past. Below, we take a look at a few essential things that entrepreneurs need to know about them.

What They Care About?

We’re living in socially conscious times. In the past, it was the product that was king — people generally didn’t look behind the item. They took it for what it was. Now, that’s beginning to change. More people than ever, and especially younger people, are looking at the broader philosophies and impacts that companies have before using them. They want the businesses they support to have a social conscience, such as protecting the environment and wildlife. It’s no longer enough just to offer a product or service — there has to be a positive story behind it.

Where Are They?

Not so long ago, television and print advertising was the best way to reach customers. Now, that’s all changed — traditional forms of marketing have given way to more nuanced, focused advertising in digital space. If you’re going to get your company in front of people’s faces, you need to know where they’re hanging out. Increasingly, this is social media websites. This also applies to customer engagement, which, prior to the internet, was minimal, but which is now hugely important. Since most web traffic goes through smartphones (as opposed to desktop computers), it’s worthwhile working with app developers to create your own company app. Video marketing, too, is hugely important — some 80% of web traffic comes from video.

They’re Individuals

Nobody wants to feel like they’re just another person out of a sea of people, but in the past, that’s just how they were treated. There was no other way. Now, companies have the ability to treat their customers as individuals, especially when they’re logging into a website. You’ll be able to tailor recommendations and other suggestions to them based on their likes and previous purchases. Even something as simple as using their name in your email correspondence is more than we’ve seen in days gone by.

They Expect A Lot

The standards that customers have when it comes to who they give their money to has risen greatly in recent years. This is due, in part, to Amazon and other mega-corporations, who are able to devote resources to perfecting the user experience. Alas, small and medium-sized businesses are held to the same stage. Make sure you have a customer-first approach to ensure they’re happy with your services!

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