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With the nation interest rates sitting ultimately low at 0.25% as of 2015, this impacts banks borrowing to the people. Virgin are offering up to 41 months  0% interest free cash transfer effectively beating any loans.This Portfolio is based on borrowed cash or leveraging to beat the administration cost before the 0% interest free expiration. Basically I am borrowing Richard Branson's money to generate income. 

Project Kick-Off.

This project kicked off on 11th April 2016 where $15000.00 was borrowed from Virgin credit card at 0% interest for a total of 36 months. Before 11th April 2019 all the balance payment have to be repaid to avoid any interest. The only payment required are the 2.90% administration fees which worked out to be $435.00.

Therefore over the course of three years the total investment needs to be above $15435.00 to make any profits. So therefore for the next three years we need to beat an average of 0.95% per year.

The Five Commandments

Latest Update (11 months left)

Overall Virgin Portfolio (May 2018)
Profit 45%
Microsoft Corp Shares
Profit Gain 100%
Apple Shares
Profit Gain 60.71%
PROFIT 39.32%
virgin portfolio may 2018
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