Virgin Portfolio [VP] soaring over 30% in 14 months.

After a short 14 months this VP have grown over 30% compared to ftse250 and DowJones whom have only manage under 20% and ftse100 under 15% growth. We are currently ridding a strong bull market and be able to achieve such a significant growth in such a short period is simply remarkable.

As the table above it shows that 70% of this money have been submerged into equities shares about 11% in funds and remaining 18% still holding as cash. With the political instability in EU ,UK and Trump America: its wise to hold onto cash for potential correction in 2017.

As you can see the majority sector is in technology stocks, consumer services and financials. The ‘unknown sector’ is a actually UK ftse 250 funds which is not shown clearly on the tool.

In terms of geographical, the VP stands equal between US and UK stocks.

One key reason for success is the timing of this portfolio. This VP started just before the US election campaign and also the Brexit.

As Trump took the hot seat as president of USA, most technology stocks have been rising 15-20%. With the drop in pounds over the Brexit saga the ftse100 have been rising from the 6000 points to over 7000 points.

Coming soon in the future post. I shall reveal the top three and worse three equities in this VP.
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