virgin portfolio may 2018

Virgin Portfolio Update – May 2018

Its been a while....

Time is flying very quickly for me this 2018. The last time I update a post was in February 2018 and now its already May 2018. My excuse for the delay is because I have been ignoring all the news and focusing on my family daily routine. End of the day, this Virgin portfolio is my passive income which I would spent the minimum amount of effort generating wealth for my family. For those not familiar with the Virgin portfolio funds please read the origin of the fund here.

A lot of drama have surface in the last three months in the financial world. North Korea Peace talks, China/US trade War drama, UK economy resurgent and Brent Crude Oil rocket passed $80. Now entering the Q2, the major companies are trying to prove if they are still running the bull rally or perhaps stalling? How will this impact my Virgin Portfolio? I have 11 months left in my Virgin Portfolio 0%credit card loan and I have to return the amount in full before the interest rates kicks in. Read further to see how this active fund have progress.

Previously in Feb 2018 report

Back in Feb 2018 report, the Virgin Portfolio was yielding under 40% in the last 20 months. Best growth seen from PayPal, Microsoft and Apple. The portfolio then was moving away from the UK equity market due to lack of growth value.

The largest three holdings then was Apple, IQE and Tencents.

May 2018 Portfolio Movements

  • Baillie Greater China Funds
  • Tencents ADR @ $49
  • Bought Nvidia @ $220
  • Bought Caterpillar @ $144
  • Sold IQE @ 135 (small profit)
  • Sold Starbucks @ 58.50 (small profit)
  • Cash Holding @ circa 8%
virgin portfolio may 2018
virgin portfolio may 2018

Microsoft shares have turned out to be a very solid investment in the portfolio almost doubling its value in the last two years.  For the last few months the portfolio have been acquiring a-lot of Apple and Tencent shares in the portfolio at discounted prices. Always own Apple and Tencents, never trade them or sell them. These two companies represent the future of the global leaders beyond 2020 in my humble opinion. 

Paypal have seen a recent dip in the last few months mainly due to the the divorce with Ebay and Amazon launching their own payment system. 

With an aggressive growth mind-set, the portfolio abandoned Starbucks and purchased new Nvidia and Caterpillar shares. Nvidia have been a solid performer and a 15% dropped from peak in April seem very attractive for such future AI growth stock. Caterpillar have suffered a severe downturn in the share price when the CEO mentioned the words ‘High Water Margin’, and not explaining his analogy well. Virgin portfolio quickly acquired this high quality shares to ensure the growth stats are attained. In a short 6 weeks, the Nvidia and Caterpillar shares are already up more than 11% and 7% respectively. 

The largest movement was the 100% sell off of the IQE shares which was the second largest holding. The main reason for the release due to two key reasons. 1. IQE was under pressure due to lack of iphone x sales. 2. There are too many good quality shares at discounted prices with less risk.

Razer one of my highest recommended shares on MooMooCoo, have seen a fall from 15% to 40% in the last three months. With plenty criticism, Virgin Portfolio are still focused on the long term prospect of the fantastic company.

Please note that the benchmark of the portfolio is conducted specifically from 17th April 2016, which is the start date fo the Virgin Portfolio fund. Since Feb 2018 the portolio have recovered and standing at 40% yield and slighlty surpassing the NASDAQ index. However the Dow Jones Index is soaring up to 55%. 


Now the portfolio have sucessfully reduce its exposure to technology shares from 50% down to 44%. Exposure to UK shares have reduced significantly from previous 25% to 13%. Increase in cash holdings from 4% to 8%.

Final words

After 24 months, I have managed to increase the funds up to 40%. I may have lagged behind the steroid fuelled Dow Jones Index, but this funds portfolio have beaten many professional fund managers worldwide. I have the flexibility to own shares I actually believe and favour. Over the course of the next few months I need to decide to either take more risk for aggressive growth OR shift away from growth tech into more defensive non cyclical shares. One key principal to the success of the portfolio is to only purchase the next stocks at discounted price only.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Ocado
  • Kraft Heinz
  • Legal & General UK
  • Tritax BBOX


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