Virgin Portfolio January 2018 Update.

Welcome back to Happy New Year 2018 to all the readers. I would like to begin the year with a new update on the Virgin Portfolio project. For new readers you can go to the project introduction post here. As always, for more details about the portfolio breakdown please sign up to my monthly email newsletter for more details and they are completely free!

2017 ended as a remarkable bull run. In fact Jim Cramer calls it a ‘Beast’ at the start of the new year. For the first time in almost 11 months the US Dow Jones ‘Beast’ market have surpassed the Virgin Portfolio market by more than 6%. Two Reasons in my analysis:

  1. Selling to gather more cash in hand.
  2. Injection of additional cash into the portfolio which dilutes the portfolio.

Activities are low in the last two months.

  • Selling Premier Oil [PMO] @12% profit. PMO are still rising after. The reason for the sale is to reduce any further volatility as the portfolio is quite Tech heavy. Since tech stocks are on the bull run, we had to collect some profits.
  • Purchase RAZER [] shares @ HK$4.45. Recommendation article.
  • 10% Cash Injection.

Top 3 active yields to date

  1. Apple [APPL] @ 94% unrealised profit.
  2. Tencents [TECHY] @93% unrealised profit.
  3. Microsoft [MSFT] @ 72% unrealised profit.

Notable drops

  1. IQE @ -3% unrealised loss. IQE are raising more money for more capital expenditure. The bears have ruled over the last two months with profit collection before Christmas. IQE is actually the largest stake in the portfolio hoping for a good gain expectation in 2018. Hence the sale of PMO to reduce volatility in this portfolio.
  2. Razer @ -12% unrealised loss. Perhaps I went in too early during the IPO launch in November 2017. Watch this space!

When this portfolio started, I was hoping to make a small gain with a credit card loan as part of a project. With the momentum my goal is to double the capital before 11 April 2019 credit card due date. One key strategy is to hold the cash and deploy one a good quality stock during a correction in 2018. Best things happen to those who wait….. and I only have less than 16 months left.


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