Virgin Portfolio November 2017 Update.

Welcome to the November 2017 update on the 36 months portfolio project. Since the last update in September 2017, the portfolio has grown from 28% yield to a whopping 42%. This growth portfolio is still beating the Dow Jones Index and many manager funds.

Two reasons:

  1. Drop in the UK pounds exchange rates as the portfolio has pushed more in the US market.
  2. Two key tech buys which have made a significant difference.

14nov17 Virgin update

The key changes in stocks portfolio.

  • Bought PayPal at $66 during a slight correction drop. After the Q3 announcement, the stocks jumped more than 10% to $74.
  • Bought Activision Blizzard shares during another slight correction after the Q3 announcement at $60.50 and now move along by over 4% to $63. I am still expecting volatility here. However, this is my favorite long-term share of the month and intend to buy more in future when cash is available due to the reasons here.
  • There is Cash increase allocated as well to additional deployment.

Two key shares which soared as expected.

  • IQE shares have grown 27% since the last purchase. With the new iPhone X receiving positive responses and also issue of £100m worth of new shares on the market have help confidence in their future growth
  • Premier Oil has also recovered nicely. Since the last report Premier Oil has moved from -15% to +13%. This is simply from the recovery form oil from $52 to $64.

I am pleased with the Virgin Portfolio progress as a more growth orientated fund rather than a dividend income type. I have a few more deployment from the mini WarChest. I am expecting volatility and I have a few more excellent value shares to buy! Please follow me on this wonderful financial freedom journey!

Final words! For more detail on the breakdown and allocation of the portfolio you have to follow me on the blog to receive monthly updates. To received buy and sell info you have to follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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