Update: Virgin Portfolio Sept 2017

There have been a mix signals in the summer of 2017 with North Korea threats, sell-off in US stocks, EU stock rise and fall, UK economy losing ground and Japan stocks gaining momentum. Since July 2017, Virgin portfolio have gain about 5% overall, which is gaining the tech losses from early summer.

Please read the origin of the Virgin Fund Portfolio here

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Virgin Fund portfolio is still beating the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 by almost 10%. Dow Jones is catching up to less than 5%.

The activities in the last three months are.

-NetFlix Sell off at $169 – Profit of almost 100%

-Purchase of IQE PLC at 140GBX.

Selling Netflix was a difficult position. I needed to retain some cash for  a potential correction in the late 2017 market. With news like Disney pulling out of Netflix made me realised the vulnerability of Netflix.

IQE PLC is a British laser and semi conductor specialist which is a few good company with plenty of patents generating good practical approach for mobile phone industry. With Apple going down the Augmented Reality route, I am taking a good risk with IQE who owns of of the best semi conductor laser which could help with AR.

The Top 3 Gain Holdings are:-

  1. Apple [US] – 107%
  2. Microsoft [US] – 66%
  3. Tencents [HK]-  40%

The Last 3 Loss Holdings

  1. Paddy Power Betfair[ UK] – 17%
  2. Amec [UK] – 15%
  3. Premier Oil [UK] – 15%

UK and O&G shares are dragging down the portfolio.With Oil hovering between $47-$52, it is not showing any sign of recovering. Paddy Power Betfair have also dropped from 8500 to 6500GBX.

Future & Final Thoughts; the only way for further growth to push away from the competition would be purchase from market correction.

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