Undervalued UK Shares September 2019

Undervalued UK Shares September 2019

Let’s forget the noise on the political Brexit and Parliamentary dramatic saga for the next ten minutes. Let’s keep an open mind and watch the road in front and not the disaster on the side of the road. You have a journey to fulfil and it’s finding that opportunity to buy good quality stocks at excellent value. Let me remind you that your primary job is to grow your wealth and not sort out the political party mess. Here are my three Undervalued UK Shares September 2019.

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Undervalued UK Share #1

Legal & General is one of the best excellent long terms the UK share to own in any portfolio today. Many do not understand the excellent diversification of this company. They are not just an insurance company. Legal and General are responsible for the UK’s 30% pension and 5% US pensions. Also, own high-quality Homebuilding company CALA in the UK. Most importantly are their investment products of low-cost index investing. Legal and General is sometimes known as the Vanguard of the UK.

Everyone makes their quick judgement on the historical share price. The key strength is their growing dividends and increasing revenues from expansion year on year. Excellent cash flow with the investors in mind with handsome yearly dividends to help portfolio grow or provide income.

This is the Golden opportunity to own this company at its excellent share price to build a dividend growth portfolio.


Undervalued UK Share #2

For the second undervalued UK shares September 2019, this is Avast PLC. UK’s home-born Cyber Security company who serves the retail and medium corporate level business. Avast has been around for decades and their recent IPO is to seek investment to grow and compete with the likes of establishing US cybersecurity companies. Also, these US counterparts are overvalued.

The true value of Avast is yet to be reflected in its share price. With the potential expansion and providing services to the public sector. Teams, services and modern technology expansion are required by Avast to keep up with the competition.

Current CEO is very committed to delivering excellence by waiving his bonuses to allow the company to reinvest cash to allow growth. 2019 may be the last time to own Avast under £4.00.

Undervalued UK Share #23

The UK is still a global key player for serving defence businesses. Most only know BAE and Rolls Royce but overlook an excellent company called QinetiQ. Firstly QQ is the world’s leader in drone defence. With the attack on Saudi Oil on 14th September 2019 by a swamp of 10 flying explosive drones, is a wake-up call for many industry and countries to be vigilant.

QinetiQ has multiple contracts on several areas with the UK Defence Ministry. Plenty of long term backlog business to keep the business afloat. QQ never says from embracing new defence threat business like Cyber Security and Robotics. A high ethical and socially responsible company who embraces the new generation of workforce.

The future is bright for QinetiQ as it lines up itself to serve the future with their patented and expertise technology.

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