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This blog presents the UK Recommended Stock Brokers for all potential starter UK investors. UK is the financial hub of Europe regardless of Brexit. London is the centre of the global key financial region like New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai. With global banks residing in the Queen’s capital, London drives the UK economy with its strong Financial Times Stock Exchange(FTSE) centre . The FTSE is well known for banking, oil, mining and manufacturing sectors holding majority stakes which can be traded on a public global scale.

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ISA is a form of investment vehicle only available in the UK where investors do not pay tax on the gains. Each financial year there is an annual limitation for each tax payer.
We highly recommend Stocks and Shares ISA which largely benefits families to grow their savings and wealth. Please be aware that capital invested is at risk when invested. ISA was launch in April 1999 and there are 1,500-2,000 ISA millionaires created in the last two decades from under £250,000 invested. There is a limited amount an invested/saver can contribute per ISA calendar which currently sits at £20,000 for each adult(>18)  for 2018/2019.

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Information from Professional Hargreaves Lansdown (Click on Link)
Stocks and Share investment ISA is one of the best methods to trick your mind into saving more money per calendar year. If you invest £10,000 in a company shares and that company grew 10X, the profit gain is £90,000 and all this money is tax-free. The potential for wealth growth on tax ISA limitless compared to yearly fix interest cash ISA which only currently pays under 2% per year.
Do you know a family of four (2 adults and 2 kids) have an allowance of £48,520 for 2018/2019 which renews in the month of April? 

UK has a huge list of stocks and shares brokers, new fintech startups and banks which participates in this ISA stocks and shares programs. There are three key points which potential investors need to strongly consider before the selection. This is important because only one ISA product can be selected in a single provider per year and decisions needs to be carefully selected.

There three key points

  1. Choose a broker which is established and longevity. Stocks and shares investments are long-term and an establish brokers need to be considered because you may have money in there for many decades. 
  2. There are plenty of brokers offering ISA products. Not many brokers offer all products from the index, ETF, overseas shares, Kids ISA and lifetime ISA products. Investing needs to be diversified and brokers with products for US, EU and Emerging market stocks.
  3. We are at the age of digital financial evolution which we can self-manage and control from the comfort of our phone App. Good security login and ease of use are very important too. The chances of self-manage investors not having finance or economics background are 9/10. Brokers with a strong sense of research, information and layman’s breakdown are key points which investor needs to consider and not be intimidated by unfamiliar jargons

They offered a range of products from investments, bonds, cash Isa and Lifetime ISA. Hargreaves Lansdown (FTSE 100 company) may not be the cheapest platform on the market but they offer the vast range of products/services and simple user interface with plenty of value investor information to aid you through your financial journey.

I personally have a range of products with this renowned company and confident they will be around when I collect my retirement funds when I turn 65. My kids would still be using them when they are adults. I also like Hargreaves because of their excellent call desk team who picks up after five rings to a very qualified help service who answers any queries fire at them. Also, a company who innovates and keep up with new products and financially conducted by independent audits from the FCA.You can also start an investment as low as £100 and a monthly contribution of £25 a month to low-cost index funds with Hargreaves. 

Vanguard is my second choice recommendation. This broker is great for investors who wants minimal investment efforts (risk adverse and less adventurous) and easy low cost index investment only. At Vanguard you would require £500 min and £100 monthly contribution to the already selected index. 

I hope you find this article on UK Recommended Stock Brokers useful. There are too many brokers to choose from these days. Investment is a large capital form of investment and we need to choose the most reliable ones. Plenty of start-ups out there for investment as low as 25p, but can we trust them or actually believe we can turn 25p into a million pounds?

Savings and investment is not a get slim quick diet. It is a form of discipline and lifestyle we have to adapt on a daily basis. Stocks and shares investment is a long-term and passive type of income. This means minimal maintenance time to allow money to work for us while we are busy with other more important matters. Also, living in the UK we need to understand the importance of Tax Efficient investing which would be the saving grace in decades to come when we cash-out our realised profits.

I have travelled the world and learned that places like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other developed financial nations do not offer tax-free investing like the UK ISA. I hope you can take advantage of this.


Dr Alex Koh
Founder and CEO of
Family Finance Made Simple

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