Top 10 tips on affordable family vacations.

Save More 2 Travel More

I love travelling with my family. My 6 year old daughter have visited at least 20 different countries to date. Always believe the best education for my kids is to travel and experience the beautiful world. We have at least 3 foreign holidays a year and three of those are always in a new city or country.

All this is only possible via saving up and cutting down daily unnecessary expenses and advance planning. We save hard so we can carefully spent on good luxuries, food and key essentials.

Honestly, we do not keep a strict budget or expenditure spreadsheet. We make is a discipline habit to always seek for deals, discounts and removing non-essential monthly expenses. Similar to the philosophy of; Diets never work for weight loss however a good healthy lifestyle with regular exercise is the long term simple solution.

Top 10 Tips on Affordable Family Vacations

  • Self Cater in the evenings to reduce cost and kids get to bed early. This can be take-aways (if not self-catered accomodation) or quick supermarket shopping. We even prepare breakfast for next day.
  • Always plan your vacation in advance to maximise your time. Research for the best food, must see locations and find discount codes and visitor offers!
  • We love AirBnB over expensive Hotels. More personal and definetely more space in ideal locations at one third of the price!
  • Only buy flights on sales or Airmiles. I use websites such as Jack's Flight Club and Google Flights to detect for price drops.
  • Cashback on credit cards, event bookings, travel bookings, insurance. I have a specific travel credit card for the best no commission FX rates.
  • Never wait last minute for foreign currency exchange. Always monitor foreign currency. Not FX experts but we need to monitor the fluctuation which could be a 20% different in the rates.
  • Never spontaneous select restaurant on travel. Eat in highly recommended restaurants by bloggers and Tripadvisors. Again research. Different countries and region have different platforms of reviews. Make sure you get reliable sources and information.
  • Always travel light and minimal. Never pay for excess baggage. Push trolley and car seats are mandatory free luggage weight on most airlines. Bring clothes which can be easily hand washed and reused over the vacation period. Takes only 1 min to scrub and wash socks!
  • No impulse souvenir buying unless local novelty. We travel to enjoy the food and culture. Never get too excited and buy large items to clutter the home and excess baggage! Again Plan!
  • Find discount codes and visitor offers! Far Eastern countries use apps like LINE to promote discounts. Country tourist websites shows offers on transportation and free museums for tourists.

As a young family of four, we always go for accommodation where we can have a kitchen to cook at night as our kids go to bed early. With the rise of AirBnb we can afford better accommodations with friendly host with bigger and more affordable accommodations compared to hotels!

Another Extra TIP!

Honestly the air miles accumulated for the year is sufficient for 2 short breaks a year to a different city for family of four all inclusive. It’s like free money. Various level AMEX provides travel insurance cover for free.

Pay Everything with Monthly Credit Card.

  • Rule 1 - Always pay in full at end of month.
  • Rule 2 - Make sure Credit card has reward air miles to collect.
  • Rule 3 - Get a second Credit Card (Master/Visa) for travel purpose to reduce commission charges.
  • Rule 4 - Try to pay for everything with Credit card to max airmiles.
  • Rule 5 - Set threshold limit on the apps to alert when budget triggered for the month to avoid over spending.

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