The Offline Marketing Techniques That Still Work in a Digital World

Side Hustle Offline Marketing

As a side hustler or part time business, you need to be an excellent marketing expert to get your brand to be seen. We live in a digital age of social media marketing, however breaking through requires alot of investment. Not ideal for start-ups or family person side hustler. 

However one should still visit offline marketing possibilities because getting your product and face out there still holds good return on investment.

Offline Marketting vs Digital Marketting

In the digital world that we live in it is easy to see why marketing for a business makes sense when it is online. You can track things that people searched for, how many times links were clicked or pages were visited, as well as how long they stayed on the page to read what it was all about. In this kind of world, it can be easy to forget about offline marketing and simply think that it is no longer relevant or no longer compares. But there is certainly still space for offline marketing.

If you think about trade shows and things like affiliate or loyalty programmes, you can see why there is still relevance to offline marketing. They may not be able to give you the exact analytics of things, but they are still able to produce a good return on your investment, which these days can be higher than you might spend on a particular SEO link-building campaign, for example. So here are some offline methods of marketing that still have a place today and still work today. It would be great to hear what you think on this.

Direct Mail

Direct mail may seem inefficient to some, but for many customers, it is still a great way to remind them of your presence and get your best deals and information out to them. For example, and to show how effective it can really be when it is done well, British Airways have been using direct mail for their first class customers for years, and still do this day. It is a way to make customers feel valued and has more of a personal touch than a generic email might.

Trade Shows

Depending on the industry that your business in, there can be plenty of trade shows to attend to show off all of what your business is about. You can find new customers, clients, contractors, and connections, as well as making your brand known. You could use a promotional product company, like this company for instance, so that you have some items to give out to customers when they come to visit your stand too. Then people are taking things away into their homes to use, that have your brand name on, which is a really valuable thing to have.

Celebrity Endorsements

Through the likes of sites like Instagram there are plenty of celebrity and influencer endorsements going on. But you can also use offline celebrity endorsements just by them wearing something branded of yours or using a product of your when they are snapped out and about. How much did Hunter Boots increase their sales and popularity after Kate Moss was seen wearing them all of the time? It can be hard to know if the increase will be a direct result, but it can certainly make a difference.

Getting out and about to be known and seen as an expert in your industry is really important too. So if there are chances to speak at events or other things to highlight you and your business, then that can also be another effective offline marketing method.

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