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September 2017 Recommendations – Kids Investment Issue #2

As of today, I would recommend the following for Kids investment options for varying budget situation. Read Issue#1 or Starters Guide for earlier details. -Read more


Tech Stocks for under 50p a share!

As of 24th July 2017; Apple is $150.27, Facebook is $164.43, Microsoft is $73.79 and Google $993.84 each shares. Owning each of these shares today could cost more than $1400. Tech stocks are the hottest stocks to own since 2012 and still climbing since President Trump took the hot seat. There is definitely no slowing down for these technology stocks.  -Read More

Sack your Fund Manager today.

Back in the 1988, my dad had to set an appointment to gather advice from his bank manager whom could access a fund manager to get an agreement organise to invest in his funds. Shares and index were not easily accessible in the country of residence. In those days these funds were about 10-15% charges. I told my dad to sack his bank manager fifteen years later. -Read More