financial crash

Is 2018 the year for a Global Financial Crash?

Looking at the ‘crystal ball’ for the last three weeks there are definitely an increase in speculation. My cheeky definition of ‘crystal ball’ is Google. My feed on FB, Quora and Google Now and Seeking Alpha are simply filled with expertise speculation about the financial crash just around the corner.

How to Prepared for a Financial Crash?

Historically a financial crash have destroyed national economy, companies and families. Most countries takes years or decades to recover and some do not. We have seen some of the largest companies in the world go into bankruptcy. Families have been affected and some even take their own lives. Yes, it is really a gloomy fact which non of us wants to go through. When should we prepare for a financial crash as an personal investor whom have a significant portfolio in stocks and shares? Answer: We must always be prepared for the worse!