Family Finance Made Easy.

Your main job is destroying your work life balance. There are always endless bills to pay. Money is always the root to all problems. You want to learn about Growing Wealth to free up more Quality Time with your Family.

Answer Remember every family situation is different. There are three different routes to boost more money in your household and leave the financial worries behind. 

Savings, Investments or Side Hustle

More Time and Money for our family

how to boost your savings?

I never saved a single penny in the first 8 years of my career. Made lots of money from my career but still ever in endless debt every single month. My credit card bills always exceeded my monthly salary.

It all changed when I started smart budgeting. No micro accounting, just smart money. Three years later I manage to save over £100,000 and was debt free forever. Being wealthy is about how much you save and not how much you make.

Please read my three most popular savings blogs which have helped many readers across the globe on how you can make that change.

  1.  How to start and Emergency Savings Funds.
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  3.  How to cut your Monthly Expense.

 It is no secret formula to break that endless debt cycle. I started by quitting Ebay, Amazon and Starbucks so I don’t have to buy endless crap and clutter my home. Stopping time wasting hobbies like video games, tv series and collecting also helped me saved 12% of my overall expenses every year.

We are unfortunate to live in a generation of internet where we can spend money at home. Online subscriptions and online shopping is destroying our financial health. Instead I have use the internet to make money, sell and invest instead. Lets experience the Golden age of the internet generation and not the endless marketing ploy. 

How to start Stocks and Shares portfolio?

I missed three huge investment opportunities in my life time and was never going to let the fourth wealth train leave the station. 

  1. Back in 2000, I picked up the Sunday Times recommending AMAZON shares to own for next 10 years. The next day I was going to invest $500 spare cash, but I did not. Arrived at the bank, the que was too long and left the bank! It could have been worth $17,000 today! Should have invested at an Early Age!
  2. In 2005, I returned to the same bank because I have spare $2,000 from my scholarship money. I wanted to invest in S&P500 index then. However I went with a high 6% fixed savings instead and bought my first HD TV after maturity. It could have been worth $54,000 today! This beginner 6 steps to investing would have been useful!
  3.  Iphone 3GS was release back in 2009. I was actually interested in buying Apple shares then, but bought the latest trend technology instead. The phone failed 18 months later. $600 worth of Apple shares would have been $4,000 today. 

Today, I invest on strong dividends company for my retirement funds. For my kids investment portfolio, I invest in emerging growth companies. Everyone have a varied portfolio depending on the risk perception and age. 

Stocks and Shares Investments are not for everyone. Initial capital investment are 100% subjected to risk of loss. The financial market have evolved with technology where brokers accounts can be applied online and many countries offer tax efficient vehicle to grow your pension or wealth. The reason I like stocks and shares investments is because of the following reason.

  • Start investing as low capital of $100.
  • Passive income, invest and forget for long term.
  • Obliged to save by automatic direct transfer to broker account monthly basis.

How to begin your side hustle?

Back in the 90’s my father supported the family. He had only 3 key bills to pay back them; Food/Utilities, Car Petrol and Home telephone bills.

Today in 2020’s my family expenses consists of Internet, mobile, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, home mortgage, fuel, utilities, holidays, kids clubs and lessons, eating out and many more!

I used to spend all my time and money on video games, following tv sports, binge TV series and online shopping. Must admit I was spending at least 30 hours a week on these unhealthy habits.

Today I convert my time making it more productive. Today I am known as a father with 3 jobs a day!