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Core Fundamentals

Tale of two Pots

The most important preparation before investing is understanding that you are 100% expose to capital risk. This means you could lose everything it it goes wrong. having to separate funds is very important to your family investment portfolio.

Every family finance needs an Emergency Savings Funds (Rainy Day), where monies or cash set aside for the important family expected or unexpected events. This is the first core values which needs to be establish before anyone starts and Investment fund.

Investment should be classed as money set aside with element of risk which you CAN AFFORD TO LOSE (not gambling). To reduce the probability of risk in your investment portfolio, you need to be discipline and diversified.


Starters Article​

A collection of the best articles which have helped over 150,000 readers brave the journey of self-investing. The art of family financial flexibility starts here.

Ready for Investment

Building that million dollar shares portfolio takes time and disipline.

Yes, Its achievable

Being wealthy is not about how much you make but how much you save

Dr Alex Koh

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