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Working 9-5 is OLD SCHOOL.

We are the Evening Hustle Generation!

Years ago, I read a story online about a kid who wanted to know how much his father makes in a normal working day. The father got surprised and asked the kid why. The kid was actually saving up the money so he could pay his father to spend a day with him at home. When I read the story tears roll down my eyes because I could relate to that story. 

When I was between the age of 14-17 years old, my dad had to go abroad and work. He was only home once every two months. It was the same period of the South East Asian economy down turn back in the 90s. My dad was working hard so he could prepare money for my university fees to allow me to pursue my dream career.

Today I see the same cycle among myself and my peers. Videos I stumble on youtube and facebook of kids crying when their father and mother comes home and surprises them. ‘This is the reason why I work 3 Jobs in a day’. (click blog)

It is all down to one reason. NOT ENOUGH MONEY! A day job from 9-5 is no longer sufficient to sustain a young family with escalating property, education and home expenses. I get paid top money as an engineer today, but still it is not enough to provide everything for my children


Side Hustle Rules

Honest side income which we can do from home in the evenings while our kids are in bed. Low capital startup cost which we can absorb to allow a potentially mini-scalable business to grow our wealth further.