One and Only Digital Marketing Course for beginners.

We are the only digital marketing course which are proven and successful for beginners of all ages. Our world-class coach have spent 7 years mastering and helping international companies boosting sales by multi-million dollar deals.

This course is solely created for 100% beginners only to understand the step-by-step fundamentals and apply IMMEDIATELY after the course is completed.

We will equip you with a lifetime skill where you can apply the method and time to generate sales on your online business, boost company brands and also help reach the potential customers which a click of a button.

Join us now on the MOST DEMANDED COURSE in the City!

We Provide One-Day Training To Develop Social Media Marketing Skills To Reach Sales.

Course is specifically designed for beginners with zero experience. We educate your business to understand what the client desire and follow up the journey to that high ticket sales generation to boost business profit.

FB Business Setup
Instagram Business Setup
Lead Generation Campaign
Sales Conversion

We are different from everyone else.

No Skills Required

Created with Care and delivered to anyone of all ages. No computer skills or tools required. A Smart Phone with Charger is all you need on the Day.

Target Objectives

Powerpoint courses fail many customers requirements. Our interactive course with maximum 10 attendees will provide plenty hand-in-hand guide to help you own the skill from Day 1.

Lead Generation

We will share the method which helped our own company generated multi-million dollars sales each year.  We are giving our best kept secret in this limited time course today!

How we

This programme is design for Beginners who do not have previous experience.

Single Course

S$140 nett per Person

Minimalist Classroom style with maximum of 10 people with excellent interaction level.

Service Questions

No refunds or dates changes after confirmation. However delegates and transfer are allowed 48 hours before course begin.

Laptop, Tablet or Mobile phones with specific charging devices.

There is a lunch break from 12-1 however no refreshment or lunch provided

No, additional hidden fees or charges.

Technique Questions

This can be setup during the course commence.

Yes, we provide training notes to take home.

Yes, we have wifi which is required during the training.

We Help You Expand
Brand Influence


Affordable training for yourself, staff and business to expand digitally. We are digital marketing experts who have helped large corporation clients expands across borders.

7 years Digital marketing and Direct Sales experience. Help multiple Industries from Beauty, Fitness, Insurance, Recruitment firms and many more.
Diane Lee

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