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Hot Stocks Recommendation


[RIO] – Company with great ethos and well diversified raw mate including lithium ion. Strong Dividend Yield of 5.5% and healthy PE Ratio of 8. Good Long Term share for dividend reinvestment in your portfolio.

The stocks may drop in the remaining 2 months of 2019. This is due to amid global growth slow down and lowering demands. Hold any further buys until signals.

Update – 1st November 2019


[LGEN] – This is one of my favourite buy and forget shares. With an excellent low PE at under 12 and current dividend yield at 5.77% its the perfect trigger to buy. I am more than excited of the full purchase of CALA homes in march to establish in the housing market which the UK government is pushing for low cost homes. Read Special Report Here.

Legal and General have been paying increasing dividends for 9 years at an average increasing rate of 18.15%. Do you know Legal and General have US pension exposure too.

Update – 1st Nov 2019

[RB.L] – Home of Durex and Dettol. I am sure most have these two products in your home and always ever stocked. Yes the price have fallen from high £80 to £55. Recent slowdown in sales worries investors on growth. Still paying good dividends.

RB is a good buy under £58

Update – 1st November 2019

[ULVR] – Profits are still growing for Unilever. Brexit are impacting the move and may see slight dip over this political issues. Monitor the stocks closely and buy on the fall. Suggest buy under £40.

Update – 03 Sept 2019

[GSK] – My current Favourite share. I love their good PE at 12 and Dividend over 6%. This is a long term dividend income generating share for me.

The last 24 months have been politically challanging across the globe, yet GSK showed resilient and stability in any portfolio. I have increase to double BUY.

Update – 1st November 2019

[RSDB] – A good income generation company with 7% dividend return. Buy if you need some stable oil shares.

Recent reports shows this major oil comapny still having challenges in cost lowering to boost their profit margin. A company not afraid to change and moving into utilities and green energy for the 2050 sustainbility future.

Buy when Crude drops below $50

Update – 1st November 2019

[OCDO] – A rival or a potential buy out to Amazon. OCDO are giving solutions to other food supermarket companies solution for unmanned warehouse sorting facilities. Recently Canada and France have signed up for their expertise. Currently priced the future value. Only time will tell.

M&S joint venture to expand future digital business.

Not expecting any further changes till Q1 next year. Investable monies can be used elsewhere.

Update – 1st November 2019

I’ve had a change of heart on Vodafone. I studied and followed Vodafone for last 4 years and never convinced about the business. Sitting between 160-170gbx, I feel the company is better prices just now. 

Telecoms is not an easy business as large capital is required for spectrum licence and infrastructures. Do you know that each time we move to next generation mode (5G, 6G),  the speed increases but the wavelength decreases. Telecoms companies needs to double the amount of infrastructure each time.

I like the 8% dividends. I think 5G will change and disrupt home broadband in future. Who needs home broadband when you ahve 5G on your phone. 5G will boost mobility gaming, streaming and online apps. Vodafone have secured most of the cleaner telecoms spectrum for 5G in Europe, India, South Africa and Australia. Their fortunes will not change overnight but definite in 2020. 

I highly recommend to buy it at this low point for a potential future growing dividends.

Dividends have been slashed by 40%. Yes, I am still buying!

Check out Blog here

Update – 1st November 2019

[DGE] – A Rock solid company who have no distinct rivals. Its very overpriced for at least next 5 years.

Update – 1st November 2019

[HSBC] – The only Bank I invest my money in. Good dividends and excellent exposure to Asia emerging market.

The last Q3 2019 reports shows disappointment performance. Even their new CEO had to hide his face in a paper bag. The Q3 year on year decline is like a rock off a cliff. There are fundamental problems internal of HSBC. Do not risk your hard earn money in troubled water.


Update 1st November 2019

[GAW] – Despite costing £40+ a share. This billion dollar company pays dividends 4 times a year and only PE ratio of 22. A company somehow manages to fine tune its chemistry between management and staff loyalty which pushes its branding out.

I am holding till after the UK election to determine if this would be a buy.

UPDATE – 1st November 2019

[AVST] – Cyber security shares which is growing and very undervalued. Recent IPO in May 2018 on this very reputable and low key investable company.

This is the only UK Growth Stock I would recommend today!

See Blog here for more

UPDATE – 1st November 2019

[QQ] – A UK defense research with Government contracts. A FTSE250 company who pays a healty 2% dividends. QQ have world class research on improving defense which makes them unique against other major defense companies.

See Blog here for more

UPDATE – 1st November 2019

[ULVR] – Walk into a supermarket and you are bound to find ULVR products in every aisle. A company who only focuses on sale at every era of the global financial situation. A company who enjoys the international exposure and brings int he strong dollar to the UK economy

UPDATE – 1st November 2019


[SBUX] – I have been wrong about SBUX. Its gone over 35%. The Boat has left! A coffee company who still see expansion and growth in their portfolio. Now accepting Bitcoin in the coffee chain.

REBUY @ <$80

UPDATE – 1st November 2019


[MCD] -A healthy profit margin of 29%. Digital transformation in stores to have less staff. Working with Beyong meat and various delivery companies to boost sales. Healthy 2.6% dividend too for a still growing company.

REBUY @ < $198

UPDATE – 04th July 2019

1st November 2019

[KHC] – Warren Buffetts top 5 holdings. with recent issue with books manupilation, company siunder scrutiny or a management revamp. Q3 2019 showed progress and eating forecast.

Buy under $30

Update – 1st November 2019

[AMZN] – Wallstreet sees Amazon as AWS more than its .com business. We consumers hope to see more affordble Alexa products who commands novelty techs.

REBUY @<1700

UPDATE – 1st Nov 2019

[DIS] – I really want to recommend this share to buy for long term. With the buy out of FOX, Disney are looking to fight it off with Netflix for the global streaming market. The shares have been stagnant for a 2-3 years despite the box office record each and every time. 

Disney should be breaking out in between 2019/2020

BUY @<130

Update – 03 Sept 2019

[PYPL] – There was a recent correction of >10% because of the breakup with EBAY mandatory payment provider. PayPal is one of my favourite cashless transaction company

REBUY @ <$98

UPDATE – 1st November 2019

[BABA] – A share I wish i did not trade. I would re-buy if it goes below $170 again. For a long term view BABA should be a hold for next ten years. It develops in all areas from FINTECH to AI.

Buy below 165.

UPDATE – 1st Nov 2019

[FB] – FB is one of the best money making companies int he world with excellent low cost margin in their business. Basically making money like Ice vendors. 

Buy when everyone is fearful (or pissed off).

Facebook is no longer a social media. Future outlook

-dating app service

-video streaming service

-sports media live tv

gaming streaming

-business website build within fb

-workplace tools for business

-cashless transaction on WhatsApp and messenger

-future fintech with bank or credit loans

The price currently have not priced the above in.

REBUY @ 188

UPDATE – 1st Nov 2019

[BRK-B] – The godfather of all shares. My strategy for this share is to buy every-time there is a major correction or recession.

Update – 15th March 2019

[NVDA] – A CEO with a vision. It goes from gaming, crypto-mining and AI clustering. Whats not to like about NVDA. Everyone loves it as much as Netflix and Boeing. Nvidia is the Future.



UPDATE – 04th July 2019

[AMD] – We all love Lisa SU. Too many bears lurking around this share every-time. 

Not anymore. I was wrong about AMD! If AMD hit eh $8bn revenue at the current PE ratio, it should be worth between $40-50 a sharthe


UPDATE – 04th July 2019

1st November 2019

[APPL] – My top holding share. Apple is the best company in the world in my opinion. The super growth days are over, however the innovation still continues. A company stock which i would put in all types of portfolio. A hold here are there are plenty of opportunity to buy.

Read here for research.

I am selling to take some profit



UPDATE – 1st Nov 2019

[MSFT] – MSFT generation 3 is a different company focusing on innovating and cloud computing. Diversified into their Azure, Xbox gaming and cloud platform office bringing in steady revenue with a handsome dividend of 2,5%

REBUY @<130

UPDATE – 1st Nov 2019

[COST] – The only retail company I am happy to invest in. A company Amazon cannot compete with. Walking to Costco on weekend is a family day out.

Costco is in China!

Update – 03 Sept 2019

[UBER] – Added on 13th June 2019

Buy Uber below $42. Super long term stock with fantastic prospect. I have remove Tesla and welcome this prospect company. If this was 2015, UBER IPO would be $20 at $30bn valuation.

REBUY @ <31

Update – 1st Nov 2019


Square is a mainstream payment for business and service. Cheaper than Paypal and the prefered method for receiving and payming digital payments

Buy below $60

Update – 03 Sept 2019

Morgan Stanley is still the top 5 investment banking firm. Underavlue alert!

Buy under $42

Update – 03 Sept 2019


[BMW] – BMW needs to show the world they are killing their own Diesel and moving to full time electric before we see growth again. It can be difficult to grow when new factories needs to be built for full time electric cars. Good Dividend Long term Share.

Read the 7 key reasons to buy BMW.

BUY below EURO65

Update – 1st November 2o19

The one and only luxury good which is as good as a comodity!


Buy under EU400

Update – 03 Sept 2019

Recent IPO released, read my review of this company shares

The company is currently only worth $18bn. I think this company will soon be moving into the $30bn mark in next 18-24 months.

err…the current price already accounts for that just now at 600 a share.

Take the risk and plunge! This company has more likelihood to succeed more than any other companies out there. Same for Spotify

Update – 1st Nov 2019

Spotify is only worth $30bn while Netflix is worth $120bn?

Netflix has 120m versus 71m for Spotify subscribers.

Do the maths! 

I would buy for growth!

Update – 19 November 2018

Details comming soon


Buy Under EU 140

Update – 03 Sept 2019


[TCEHY] – One of the top 10 most expensive companies int he world. From E-Sports, online shopping, FINTECH, social media. Tencents owns almost everything including UBER and Spotify! The price have grown 100% last 12 months. Plenty of room to grow still.

Update – 1st November 2019

[] – If you are looking for a hidden gem, you may have found an unpolished diamond. Read for my report.

I know it has lost 60% of its value. I recommend to buy and hold for for next ten years before it starts reaping. Give it time to grow.

Make sure you do not exceed 10% of your overall portfolio with Razer shares. You need to control your risk!

Update – 1st November 2019

Buy Ali Baba under $160

Update – 1st November 2019

Funds and Index



At a low fees of 0.35% you can own Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google in a single index fund.

Read my recommendation here


This is basically the FTSE100 index investment. One of the lowest fees out there.

Fees at 0.06%


All the great mega cap American companies from JNJ, Apple, Amazon, FB, Exxon. All at a very ultimate low fees of 0.06%.

Fees at 0.06%




Asian Emerging Markets tends to have slightly higher fees. This one is going for 0.8%

This funds contains AliBaba, Tencents, Taiwan SemiConductor and Samsung. Four of the biggest east Asia shares in a single fund.


UPDATE – 13th June 2019


 A very well diversified portfolio with under 20 stocks. Covers Nintendo, Kao and Shishedo which are stables Japanese consumer products.

Fees at 0.85%


Global Equity which contains the world favourite consumer brands. A total of under 20 stocks which are all household names.

Discounted Fees at 0.51%

UPDATE – 13th June 2019


Global Emerging Markets Fund

Index of 160 global stocks for accumulation growth. More weighted to American and Japan Financials & Industrials.

Ongoing charge of 0.8%

S&P 500 US

A super low fee S&P 500 index funds. This fund have been recommended by Warren Buffett for many years. This index have beaten almost managers funds out in the market.

Fees at 0.07%

This is a an index funds of the best 50 stocks in Europe. Contains Total, Siemens, Daimler, BNP Paribas and more

Discounted Fees at 0.10%



[NG.L] – No longer my favourite Dividend return shares. High Debt, ageing assets and rising interest rates will hurt this companies return on investment very much. I personally have offloaded 80% and bought Global Dividends index for risk mitigation.

Update – 13th June 2019

[FEVR] – Premium drinks mixer who oozes quality. With the younger generation drinking less, they are willing to pay for good quality long drinks

23rd July 2019 earnings report. I would recommend a buy below 2200gbx.

Update – 03 Sept 2019


Time to go airbus after the 2 failed 737 max planes accident this year.

Update – 15th March 2019

[ATVI] – E-SPORTS champion of the future. A must jump on bandwagon before it goes beyond $300 in the next 5-7 years. Read here for my report.


REBUY @<42

UPDATE – 04th July 2019

[LYFT] – A very overvalue company. Wait for UBER IPO to see the real value surface. Expect to drop in coming months.

Update – 10th April 2019

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