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Portfolio Services


6-Figure portfolio

Bespoke for individuals seeking stocks investment plans to grow wealth for Early Retirement.


millionaire portfolio

For couples who wants clear plan on how to save and invest to their million dollar investments

Family Unit Portfolio

family unit portfolio

This is a tailored package for you and your family. Includes partners and kids independent portfolio

Personally Tailored

With Care

Only Dr Alex Koh shall be responsible for crafting a financial investment plan to suit your lifestyle and requirement. There is nothing more important to get it right first time to maximise the financial gains.

User Expectations

This tailored program shall provide you with a life style change to transform and boost your financial mentality to seek that early retirement. Each program is specific to your personality.

Strategy & Innovation

Investment plan tailored to your risk appetite. Easy to follow step by step plan for month 3 to 12. Then followed by year 2 to 10 on an autonomous mode. Monthly programme provides up-front recommendations and actions.

Free Starters Chat

Happy to provide a 15-30 minute free chat to discuss, requirement, understanding and most importantly to know you.

Growth Expectation

Stocks and Shares Investments expectation is a minimal of 8% yearly growth over a long term. 

Pricing Plans

Investment Portfolio

this is a one-off investment portfolio plan with no performance fees.


£ 450 one off
  • Single Personalised Plan
  • Year 1 - Monthly Plans
  • First Year Annual Strategy Review
  • Premium Training Plan 1 year included.


£ 550 one off
  • 2 Adults
  • Monthly Performance
  • 6 figure Portfolio Plan
  • Annual Strategy Review
  • Premium Coo's Hot Stocks

Family Unit

£ 700 one off
  • 2 Adults Portfolio
  • up to 3 Children
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • 6-Figure Portfolio Plan
  • Annual Strategy Review
  • Premium Coo's Hot Stocks

Need Help?


Ask Me Anything!

Dr Alex Koh is more than happy to provide a 15-30 mins SKYPE chat to discuss all the queries and understand the portfolio programme further.

Every individual is different, time of insertion is different and personality to risk is different. Service is not guaranteed but I want to make it work

Honestly, No. I am educated as an Engineer. I started as a self-taught investor and turned my own finance into a an Early Retirement portfolio. Realised I enjoy teaching to my readers and many have asked me for paid programme. I have helped many people achieve their expectations. Even pulled a few families from 5* professional wealth managers into my programme. 

I completely understand. The price is based on my personal time. I seek to provide my best service with as much time as I can accommodate. Most of my content is free on this website and social media. This service is to secure my one on one time to help you with your journey.

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