Optimising Your Website To Make More Money

How to make More Money?

Your website or blog can be a massive revenue generator for you, working hard even when you sleep to turn a profit. The avenues to make sure it’s ticking away are quite diverse – from selling ads, to working with content partners, writing sponsored content, creating an online shop or using affiliate marketing links in your content. A combination of any or all of the above, depending on your website niche and audience, can start to turn it into a real revenue driver.

The one thing all of these strategies have in common, however, is that they depend on one thing to make them successful – traffic. If you don’t support them with another plan aimed at driving visitor numbers up, you may never see the returns you’d like. So the natural first step is to build an audience for your website, and that comes down to SEO. Search engine optimisation is what is going to get your site seem and create the numbers that make all of these other money making tactics viable.

Does SEO Really Matter?

In the business world, and especially when when it comes to marketing, search engine optimisation doesn’t just matter – it’s the foundation of a successful integrated promotional strategy. Small business owners  often place disproportionate emphasis on social media channels, and while these can be an amazing way to do research via social listening and polls, or to find new audiences, they can’t act in the same fundamental way as SEO can to underpin and maximise all your other efforts. 

The benefits of a great ranking on search engines are many. Google is the highest trafficked website on the planet, so getting even a small percentage of that traffic through to your site can be transformative for the fortunes of your business. It also has far greater longevity- while your social media posts might show up too of the results for an hour or so, if you create the right optimised content for Google, it will stay there as long as it’s relevant. So one piece of killer content can keep people directed to your website almost indefinitely. It’s clear that SEO is something very much worth investing in and getting right.

Back To Basics

At the heart of great SEO practise, it’s all about doing what you do really well. Scrimping on the basics is harmful, so make sure you get things like your website loading times, site navigation and optimising image alt text can have a profound impact. If you haven’t already, make sure your browsing experience is also optimised for mobile and tablet browsers with a responsive design, as on average almost 70 per cent of your traffic will be a non-desktop experience.

Improve Your Domain Authority

Your Domain Authority or DA score can seem abstract, but what it really represents is a measure of trust. In the virtual world, having your audience trust you is crucial in making sales, as you are at one remove from them. Sourcing quality links and being connected to other trusted website is absolutely vital. Again, this mainly comes down to really understanding and focusing on your particular Unique Selling Point. Trying to have authority only works if it’s authentic, and you are producing content on an area of expertise for you.

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