Invest early


Early Investment finance education should be mandatory in school to teach the younger generation to save rather than fight debt. I am leading by example of a failure for not knowing this early and yet I am pushing my kids to learn this at the youngest age possible.

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How to Research Your Next Investment

3 quick

Have you ever read or interested in investing in a company but not knowing how to research it? In this video, I am sharing a 3 quick tip where you can find out about the company in quick 5-10 mins

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How to build the

Perfect Income Portfolio

Do you want a stocks&shares portfolio that pays you every single month? Yeah, I found the sweet spot and high quality companies which could do that exact requirements.

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How to (Platform

Short the Market

This is a short tutorial video on how to SHORT the stock market. This is a demo ont he platform which I am highly familiar with over the last couple of years. In this video, i shall also explain the three different methods of shorting and the only reason why you should short the market. This is not something for beginners or novice, but we have to start somewhere.

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Our Portfolio Services

We can also provide you the helping hand on your investment journey.