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Risk Reward

This is MooMooCoo's showcase of our stocks and shares portfolio against other index and funds in the market.

Virgin Portfolio

High Risk Growth Portfolio, 
which has a short term time scale of under 40 months to establish a targeted profit. The capital is an interest free loan leverage from Virgin Bank, hence the name of the portfolio.

Virgin Portfolio Profit 42%

Profits 101%
Profits 60.71%
Jupiter Asian Funds
Profits 39.32%
Profits 27.37%

F.U. Portfolio

Family Growth Portfolio, 
which is a personal funded stocks and shares account to grow the family wealth. F.U. stands for family unite. A strategic passive shares portfolio which requires minimum maintenance.

F.U. Portfolio Profit 101% %

Amazon = 174%
Activision Blizzard
Profits 82%
Profits 53%
Profits 53%
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