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Have you considered a kids investment portfolio as a future present?

Let me share an Inspiring story.

Christmas 2015, I visited my auntie in Dallas Texas with my young family. During the festive season, I spend every penny on my child so she would have the best Christmas ever for a three-year-old. My auntie asked me if I have prepared a present (kids investment) for my daughters 18th birthday. My puzzled expression and the obvious answer was ‘No’. The story goes…

My auntie explained that she bought 150 Facebook shares which cost $5,000 ($33 a share in 2012/13) in preparation for her daughter high school graduation present. The current trading value of 150 Facebook Shares is worth $27,000 today (at $180 each share). My cousin (now 24) still owns these shares and spend 15% of her salary on stocks & shares investment since she realised that money can work hard for you when invested properly. 

Every present, toy or games loses its value once they leave the store. Every parent should consider investing in an item which would appreciate in value over a period of time. This is your kids investment portfolio starter pack.

Past Present & the Future

Today in China’s society, It is very common for parents to provide a large sum of gift money for their 18 years old birthday. Most of these wealth ends up in the pockets or large corporation such as Apple, BMW and Louise Vuitton. In the US, it is common for parents to buy their child’s first car at their 17-year-old birthday party. In EU, most parents would throw a huge alcohol-fuelled birthday party which would be consumed by all their underaged friends. Are these the kids investment portfolio you want to present?

I am recommending parents to consider investing early in a gift which would appreciate in value when your kids turn 18.

Do you know Apple shares are worth $180 today and 10 years ago it was worth $18? 


Do you know Disney shares are worth $110 today and 10 years ago it was worth $28


Do you know Google shares are worth $1200 today and 10 years ago it was worth $230?

What would these shares be worth in 16 or 18 years time? No one knows for sure but 99% confident that these three companies will be worth more than a $1 trillion dollars in value by 2036 (individually). By then your child would most likely be still using an iPad/iPhone, watch Toy Story 8 and most likely ask Google for the best holiday deals. Do you not agree?

Appreciated Gifts

You do not necessarily have to invest in stocks and shares only. There are other items which would appreciate in value over time.

In Scotland, it is common for parents to invest in bottles of good quality whisky and gifted to their kids at 18.

Rolex watches are also great luxury items which are passed on to the next generation. 

My wife is already preparing a cabinet full of Chanel bags for my daughter when goes to University. That’s what she tells me when she swipes that Amex.

Education a key ingredient.

Every parent should not only prepare a valued appreciated gift, but also the financial education behind. Kids today are less likely to understand the value of money. It cost $10 an hour for an average low skilled job. An iPhone X is worth $999 which is equivalent to 100 hours of hard work. However, most kids seem to be getting them for birthday Christmas without even breaking a sweat at work.

Kids need to understand the value of money at a young age. Comprehending the difference between money earned and money saved is important.


One is career progression and later is wealth accumulation. Spending beyond your means simply puts you on the endless progressive debt cycle.

Not every parent has knowledge regarding investments. Start today by learning instead of Facebook or Netflix surfing. Educating yourself now would help your kids finance education in the future. Start by Googling, ‘Kids Investment Portfolio’.

Final Words

Every parent love their kids and always wish for happiness, success and well-being for their own children. We are responsible for their education every step of the way. The SEED is now planted in your head and I hope you can find time and effort to build for the perfect 18 years old present for your child in the future!


Dr Alex Koh
Founder and CEO of
Family Finance Made Simple

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3 thoughts on “Have you considered a kids investment portfolio as a future present?”

  1. Great story Alex. Yes, unfortunately so much money is wasted on kids and teens in an effort to make them “happy.” Teaching them how to invest and how to take care of their future selves would be a much better gift.

    1. Yes a good financial education with investing is the greatest gift parents can provide to their kids! Planning to give my kids 50% control in the account when they reach 10 years old. Making sure they can decide what they want to invest in next.

      1. Wow! I’m trying to figure out if that’s brave or if that’s smart.
        Or both.
        My eight (!) kids are ages 11 to 27. So I clearly missed the boat there. Although they are financially responsible.
        You’ve got me thinking in a totally new way, Alex.
        Thank you for enlightening me.

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