Kids are driving the future of TV and Entertainment industry not NETFLIX, AMAZON or Parents.

Have you been to a kids birthday party and notice the type of television they are watching today in the year 2017. Its neither Netflix, DVDs nor Disney. If it was a girl’s birthday party it would be either Funnel vision, Toy Suprise, some makeup blogger or VEVO. For boy’s bday party it would be twitch, twitch and more twitch equivalent. To my surprise, the modern heavily invested industry entertainment like Netflix and Disney kids are no longer in trend compared to a decade ago. Investors are still pouring money in the next big homerun blockbuster household brand and not realising their customers should be kids under 15s not over 21s. These twitch, fashion bloggers and modern reality tv family stars are gaining more viewers on a daily basis than a major sporting event (FACTS!).



36 million viewers tuned in to watch a finals of a League of Legends finals in 2016. The game in fact was hosted in a football stadium which hosted like a Micheal Jackson concert in the 90s. The same year NBA Finals 2016 had only 31 million viewers. This facts were not advertise or published and where did all the money pour into? TENCENTS, NVIDIA, LOGITECH, INTEL, MICROSOFT, RAZER are among the top beneficial of the profits. Remember these numbers are still a young figure and the future growth for this E-Sport industry will be exponential. The scariest thing is that the young viewers can tune in anytime and there is always a consistency number of more than 100k on a daily basis without a headline event. There is still not a major controlling body like FIFA, NBA, NFL equivalent; still an open market for grabs.

The number of girls watching E-sports are ever increasing as gaming are just not for boys. However most girls still like tuning to youtube bloggers for fashion tips, reality tv family friendly shows, toys review and their fav Justin Bieber videos. Girls do not spend money on price heavy equipment like XBOX or PC Tower. But they do buy alot of little smaller components but in a larger scale. Parents tend to go to to READ about a star rated based review. However kids prefer a youtube 5-10 min review on an item. Some of these reviews comes in entertainment format, slapstick comedy or prank related application. With the amount of time kids spent on social media and internet tv platform for exceeds time parents or adults spent on their phone.

Hollywood, Netflix, Amazon and Disney are ever increasing their technology (4K, AR), spin off series, sequels, remake of old content, new genre etc. These cost are ever escalating and the advertisment cost are increasing. A youtube/twitch blogger would only require a 4k handy cam, a professional microphone and a copy of Adobe CC and still grabbing millions of views on daily and weekly basis.

Winning major companies are as follows:- Tencents (e-sports), Microsoft (xbox), Google (youtube), Facebook, Amazon (twitch), Intel, Nvidia, Activision.

Losing major companies are: – Disney, Sky, ABC, Vodafone, 20th Fox, Universal, Warner Bros.

Personally I am watching Tencents closely as it is still affordable to own and still plenty of room to grow. I still like Disney myself and with the amount of patents contents they can move into any gaming industry or modern advertising easily. Disney have not grown in the last 2 years and I don’t expect Disney to fold in my lifetime.

With portable device and ever last battery power required I am still looking for the company which would produce a week-last battery or perhaps a green regeneration powered device. Maybe Ellon Musk and Tesla have plan for this.

Another private company in my radar is RAZOR. Gaming peripherals company who are growing into a niche and also taking on the hardware competing market as of 2014.





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