June 2019 hot stocks – Coo’s Hot Stock Update

Welcome to the Summer Update of 2019

For June 2019 Hot Stocks Update, we will be looking at 4 key sections to highlight the key recommendations and changes. To return to the main Coo’s Hot Stocks table summary lists please click here.

From the previous April 2019 Hot Stocks update, we have maintained the some of the  key recommendations with double buy ratings before the breakout growth sprout. Here we also discuss, what stocks we have missed and also the introduction of two new additions to the hot stocks family. 

United States (F-A-N)

2nd April 2019

Facebook = $174.20
Ali Baba = $181.74
Nvidia = $183.00

17th June 2019

Facebook = $189.01
Ali Baba = $159.91
Nvidia = $145.03

I did showcase my reason these three recommendations back in April 2019 Hot Stocks update. 

Facebook have started momentum movement of crypto-blockchain on their platform. There are still insufficient information to support any foundation on how FB will be exploiting this technology. News have reported that Bank of England, Goldmans and many other key players have been approached and consulted for future co-operations.

Ali Baba is enduring the trade war heat which restarted back in May 2019 between Trump-Xi. Ali Baba has also announcement listing in Hong Kong stock exchange as either expanding their business or sheltering from a possible NASDAQ exit. However, the fundamentals of growth still stands for Ali Baba. A company which focuses on global growth and not just US alone. Stretching their technology of e-commerce, cloud computing, Ali Pay transactions and A.I in other developing countries around the world at a more affordable price.

Nvidia is the least favourite son on the wall street just now. With Lisa Su of AMD, winning hearts with their lower margin and newer chipsets. Yes, crypto mining may not be as popular as back in 2017, but Nvidia are still growing in their turnover and profit. Still the top of the class in their GFX products, the company waiting for the 5G to kick off which open flood gates of technology globally. This will not happened overnight and perhaps a 5 years wait. Company is well-priced for investors to grab this amazing opportunity for growth.

Grab a piece of U.K. Finance for June 2019 Hot Stocks Update

After the 2007/09, financial crisis, I am not keen on owning US, Swiss or German banks stocks. U.K. FCA policy in my opinions are stricter than other developed countries with their financial institution stress test at best. London is the natural hub for financial companies globally having the experience and ethical conduct to ensure historical lending and product scandals does not reoccur again.

HSBC and LGEN are my favourite financial sector companies with well balance between high dividend yield and P.E ratio. In layman’s terms, these two companies are well-valued and paying exceptional high percentage yield dividends. This is thanks to the BREXIT ongoing saga. 

HSBC have high international exposure mainly in emerging Asia and also tiger bowls of Vietnam and Philippines. Previously expose to the money laundry scandal, this global company have secured investors trust from its cleanup act. Now going for fundamental growth with the global investment.

Legal & General is not just a household insurance retailer. LGEN have high stakes in global low cost investments index, sometime regarded as the Vanguard of Europe. A company with lesser exposure to volatility and also demonstrating room for growth. Despite the share price being held down by other under-performing U.K insurance rival, LGEN does not shy away from creating the first new insurance blockchain product.

New Entry for June 2019 Hot Stocks Update

UBER is my one of two new entry for Coo’s Hot Stocks list. Uber is currently the world most technological disruptive company in the world. They are shaking the travel industry, food & restaurant industry, aviation industry, car industry, logistic industry and potential utilisation of blockchain. Honestly, no one knows the true intrinsic value of UBER. ‘Make or Break’ is still the doubt in many investor’s minds. Invest cautiously.

Keywords Studio, is a one of a kind company in the world where outsourcing for game development skills from backend, front end, graphics and testing. Most of KWS clients are major gaming operators in the world from, Sony, Microsoft, TTWO to Activision Blizzard. With the recent take overs, KWS are rumoured to also enter the fast pace film industry with their CGI experts. Invest cautiously.

April 2019 VERSUS June 2019 Hot Stocks Update

Kicking myself for missing MCD and SBUX. Held these shares for 12 months and sold it just before the breakout missing >10% average profit.

Disney and Paypal on the other hand have better news. For those who followed my chart buy recommendation in April 2019 would have made +26% and +10.5% respectively. Please leave a comment below if you did capture this amazing opportunity!

Final Words...

I hope you have enjoyed this article. I am envisaging to release an update every two-months. If you are keen on more regular updates please do sign up to our new premium membership product. 

Here I would be sharing Coo’s Hot Stocks update, F.U. portfolio movements and also more reactive buy and sell triggers on specific stocks.



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