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How to Invest in Stocks & Shares?

Stocks and Shares investments is the best low capital passive income financial product. Once you achieve the automatic shares portfolio, you grow wealth while you sleep. 

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Stocks and Shares investment is one of the easiest passive income generator available today. Yes, there is a possible risk of losing the entire capital however the level of risk can be lowered or mitigated by comprehending the basic fundamentals.

Living in the age of internet, we can deal investment & gather information from the comfort of our own home without visiting the high street brokers.

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Make sure you read, How to Retire Young for more inspirations. 

The Research Series

Companies analysis, recommendations and reports.

Next Amazon Share

Identifying the next multi billionaire company.

Kids Invesments

Starting Investment guides for your children.

Hot Stocks & Portfolio

MooMooCoo Favourite stocks and personal shared portfolios.

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Beginners Starters Guide

Every fresh beginner should read these three key blogs before proceeding.

  1. ‘3 Key Steps before Investing.’
  2. ‘6 Simple Steps to Stocks & Shares Investments.’
  3.  ‘My 10 Rules of Investing’

Investing at an early age is a very vital strategy for more exponential growth. Do check out the articles in  ‘Why you must Invest Early’ and ‘Investments for your Kids’. The sooner you invest the faster the growth and reduction in risk over the long term. Stocks and Shares investments is a ‘long term investment plan’, it is very important to remember that financial investments are not meant to be a get rich quick scheme or gamble. 

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3 Key Steps Before Starting an Investment

Many people ask how I always go on holidays with my family and yet have enough money to invest? Why am I making investment sound so easy? How am I so relax about the ongoing inflation and increasing cost of good and services? It is not easy and it takes a lot of discipline and partnership teamwork within the family. These are my simplified three steps anyone must take before they dip into investments.

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How to Prepared for a Financial Crash?

Historically a financial crash have destroyed national economy, companies and families. Most countries takes years or decades to recover and some do not. We have seen some of the largest companies in the world go into bankruptcy. Families have been affected and some even take their own lives. Yes, it is really a gloomy fact which non of us wants to go through. When should we prepare for a financial crash as an personal investor whom have a significant portfolio in stocks and shares? Answer: We must always be prepared for the worse!

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