Investment Guides

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What you do after work determines your future! Jack Ma of Ali Baba

  • 5 Reasons NOT To Start Spread Betting the Financial Market. - In all honesty, this article is publish to put off beginner and learning investors away from Spread Betting. Personally I do not think it is worth the risk as you can lose your entire capital very quickly. This capital is basically your hard blood and sweat cash obtain from long hours of work and losing it all is too painful to bear.
  • 5 reasons to sell your long term Shares Holdings. - Holding shares for long term have always been my number one priority. I've always tried to stick to basic fundamentals of identifying good steady future growth shares and owning that company. The first shares I sold made me about 35% profit, however the same share soared to three times from my purchased value 18 months later.
  • How much time should I be spending on my Financial Investment? - Portable technology and 4G internet in 2017 have turn really boost the equity investment & trading sector with apps on our mobile and tablet devices. Every breaking news, public company announcement to trading tips can be found right in our palm. This helps a investor or trader makes easy decision in their next move on the financial market all over the world.
  • 3 Key Steps Before Starting an Investment - Many people ask how I always go on holidays with my family and yet have enough money to invest? Why am I making investment sound so easy? How am I so relax about the ongoing inflation and increasing cost of good and services? It is not easy and it takes a lot of discipline and partnership teamwork within the family. These are my simplified three steps anyone must take before they dip into investments.
  • Mid-Life Dilemma: Top School MBA versus Stock Investment Portfolio [Min Cost = £80,000] - To be able to save £80,000 hard liquid cash in his current career lifetime is a fantastic achievement where many professional are unable to attain. Assuming he has a 10 year career span, it makes an average savings of £8,000 per year.
  • How to Prepared for a Financial Crash? - Historically a financial crash have destroyed national economy, companies and families. Most countries takes years or decades to recover and some do not. We have seen some of the largest companies in the world go into bankruptcy. Families have been affected and some even take their own lives. Yes, it is really a gloomy fact which non of us wants to go through. When should we prepare for a financial crash as an personal investor whom have a significant portfolio in stocks and shares? Answer: We must always be prepared for the worse!
  • 6 simple steps to stocks and shares investments. (Beginners’s Guide) - Investment is easy in theory. Taking the first leap into opening your account and committing the cash is difficult. Let me help you start the process.
  • How to be a Hakuna Matata Investor! - If children and kids were allowed to invest on stocks and shares supported by their own research and justification, they will be more successful that any fund manager in the world. They basically posses the spirit of Hakuna Matata with no worries on the investment they commit to.
  • How to invest and become a millionaire? (Mid-30s) - If you are still not saving in your mid 30s then you are taking an enormous risk. This is not right and perhaps you should consider getting away from debts before its really too late.
  • Sack your Fund Manager today. - Warren Buffett always and still advising younger generation to put money in index rather than fund managers.