How to make Side Income from Home with Minimal Capital?

*UPDATE 18 December 2018*

As a father of 3 jobs a day , I’ve always encourage the younger generations to side hustle and earn extra income with their free time. We live in a world where the word ‘Lazy’ no longer exist. With the fast pace global growth, one job is never enough to make ends meet. We seem to need more and more things in our daily lives and need smart side hustle money to pay for all these expenses. Hope you enjoy this SIDE HUSTLE!

Time is your Friend.

This week I stumble across an amazing website where anyone can be a freelancer to supply creative and artistic services. Most of us do not realise our hobbies or favourite past time can be put to work to create a passive side income.

This part-time job may only require minimal investment because most likely an individual may already have the tools or skills at hand.

The basic key ingredient is the time in the evenings by sacrificing TV, reading or video gaming time. This job is applicable to anyone from age of 10-99 years old with hard-work, dedication and professionalism customer facing skills. All can be done from the comfort of your own home.

I am sure you are so excited and want me to reveal what job this is? 

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A gold star service.

This week I was looking to update my website logo with a more professional touch at a minimal cost of course. 

Looking through google for 30 minutes, I stumble into this incredible website. Pretty certain I have seen this on Facebook ads before and ignore it.

Why spend hours trying to draw a logo when I have no practical artistic skills? It would only cost me only $5-$20 to get it drawn by a professional.

For a more reputable or higher level artist I would need to fork out more money which is all very transparent.

The website itself is like a ‘food market’ equipped with reviews, recommendations and portfolio of the individual artist to choose from.

The Reveal

This freelancing website is called


Fiverr is basically a website for freelance to sell their service. Yes, everything starts at $5. Buyers like me, can go in and choose from artistic design for my company or personal product, etc.

It ranges from Photoshop editing, video editing, production team with hired actors for professional marketing video all at the comfort of your own sofa as a decent side income.

Service for a Fiverr

Anyone can join this website and start making money on this platform according to the list of services:-

  • Video & Animation
  • Music
  • Graphics and Design
  • Writing & Translation
  • Digital marketing
  • Programming and tech
  • Business
  • Fun and Lifestyle

In each individual sub division there are very clear section on how to provide experience skills to work. For new starters, services comes in at a basic charge of $5 (hence the website name) and then work their way to the next level up after completion certain number of completed jobs. In return clients provides reviews and comments  to help build reputation via star rating status. The competition is really tough and also rewarding.

A well-known designer can charge up to $800 to design a logo as a side income.

The same package can cost you $5 for a new entry-level freelancer. It’s all up to marketing skill and portfolio here too.

As a Buyer.

The communication protocol is very simple interface. A buyer can instantly message the potential freelancer and ask about their work, delivery and artistic views before commitment. After financial commitment, the buyer have to fill in questionnaire, upload samples and any inspirational attachments.

This place is a great area for teenagers and young adults seeking for additional income from their busy lifestyle putting their talents to work. I have recommended my friends and relatives on this website. Why spent hours on video games, TV and social media; when you can utilize your time on some real professional work. The young generations can learn how to communicate, marketing, showcase portfolio and finally make good money. It takes time, hard work and determination. This work is completely justifiable to be updated on your CV along with your actually paid work.

FIVERR freelance jobs are excellent for CVs and portfolio building.

As a customer and entrepreneur, I would use this website more often to allow any new freelancer to trial their skills from all over the world.

As a Freelancer, earn money from home.

This is also useful for homestay parents or anyone without a job for a nice side income and this does not require to walk into a job center for vacancy employment.

As mentioned in the title, a minimal capital is required. If you were a musician wanting to sell your skills, you would most likely have musical instruments and some analogue to digital converter kit. Possibly you were an artist you would most likely have an electronic drawing tablet already.

If you were a video editor, you would most likely have editing software in your arsenal. You were also unlikely to realise that you could make a side income from your valuable skills which you took as a hobby learning at a younger age.

Reading from various sources, some of the challenges are winning jobs. With the price wars and large amount of freelancer selling services, it may be difficult for new starters to capture attention. Excellent marketing skills and experience are essential to stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, pricing war is also another challenge for many side income freelancers. The piece of 6 minute video editing may be worth $300 in US or Canada. The same service may be worth $50 in India or Sri Lanka. To compete, some freelancers are providing a 24-hour turnaround service with unlimited revisions.

Final Words.

As a result, I was very impressed when I started realising the potential of this website. There are some things best left for the professional to be creative and deliver an outstanding job. Communication of the requirement to supplying the expected product can be a challenging task. End of the day this is a platform for buyers and creative freelancers from thousands of miles to meet. I personally will be using this website for my business more often.

Imagine starting a business with low capital, work from home, keep day job and work this at night. Be your own BOSS!


Go spend or MAKE a Fiverr today!

*NOTE – this is an unpaid review. This is my personal opinion, suggestion and recommendation*.


Dr Alex Koh
Founder and CEO of
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