How to Invest £100 today?

In this video, I shall be sharing how I would invest with my own £100 today. Here I am demonstrating 5 key stocks with high growth potential which I would choose for my investment platform Trading212.

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20 other stocks I would add are:-

  1. Apple [APPL]
  2. VmWare[VMW]
  3. Nvidia [NVDA]
  4. Pinterest [Pins]
  5. Microsoft [MSFT
  6. Tesla [TSLA]
  7. AMD [AMD]
  8. Nike [NKE]
  9. Disney [DIS]
  10. Shell [RDSB]
  11. Ocado [OCDA]
  12. IG [IG]
  13. Games Workshop [GS]
  14. Greggs [GRGG]
  15. Avast [AVST]
  16. Glencore [GLEN]
  17. Keyworks Studio [KWS]
  18. Paypal [PYPL]
  19. Ayden [AYDN]
  20. Beyond Meat [BYND]
How to Invest £100 today?

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