How to get Free Money from Online Shopping?

This is not a scheme sign up. This is also not a promotional blog and no financial benefit to This is just a simple plain information sharing to help our readers save money by getting free money! You do not have to spend beyond your regular monthly or yearly budget or allowance. HONEST!

This is not a scheme sign up. This is also not a promotional blog and no financial benefit to

Just trying to help families save money!

Let’s start!

1. Mandatory Household Expenses

There are quite a few mandatory items we have to spend on each year due to legislation and personal requirements. Do you know you can save money and also gain cashback (aka FREE MONEY!) without selling your kidneys. Where does this free money come from? Basically, advertisers would share a cut of the referral fees with you in the form of cash back. Simple as that.


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My guidance will cover five categories. First three are mandatory expenses you have to spend every year which are Insurances, Mobile & Internet and your Energy Utilities. The last two category is less mandatory which are Holidays Vacations and your Current Account.

Typical Family Household

Most families in the UK spend an average of £2170.00 of mandatory expenses for a household. Home and Car insurance is a must by the code of law. Boiler and Breakdown insurance cover are optional, however, it is common insurance 7/10 household would own. Mobile and internet bill is a must in almost every modern family home. Dual-energy including waterworks from our utility supplier is a must too.

No time waste! Let me get straight in on the workflow how I can help reduce the bill on a yearly basis!



Applying the current December 2017 TopCashBack offers, I manage to score a cashback of £419.00. Bearing in mind that I have also selected most of the reputable supplier. That is an approximately 20% savings! Yes, there is a small fee charge when you withdraw the money from Topcashback website via bank transfer. Sometimes you get more value by withdrawing in vouchers form as shown below.

Typical Family Household copy




You can actually do this annually to gain cashback. Anyone is allowed to insurance & utility hop after the year’s contract is up. The best deal is a deal for the brand new customer. Its difficult to find deals cheaper for existing customer. It is hard work to jump from provider to provider every year, but the switch process is always easy and comparison website helps to identify your cheapest deals too.

I am not promoting for TopCashback but simply giving them a good review as they have saved me a lot of money over the last 5 years. Some families may even have more household bills such as pet insurance, van and bike insurance.



2. Travels and Holidays

Now moving on to the next category. Holidays vacation and type vary from family to family. However, the fundamentals of savings are the same. Go to the comparison website to find the cheapest deal and requirement. Go to TopCashBack to see if you can maximise your earnings via individual cashback. So this requires a lot of front and back between websites.

This works for people who like tailored holidays (Thomas Cook) or individual bookings holidays. Just one additional step to go via TopCashBack can save you money. So if the average cashback was 8% on a  £3000 spending, you will receive £240.00 back per trip! Many can’t even make that money in a day’s wages.

Please do not forget your travel insurance too!

Typical Family Household copy 2


3. Online Shopping

Online shopping is quite a hit and miss. My favourite Amazon is not on any cashback website. It is difficult to summarise how much a family can save. Always remember to check TopCashBack for any potential discount on your final purchase.

4. Moving your Bank Current Accounts

With the guarantee switch policy in the UK, you can virtually switch your bank current account every year. Many banks offer free cash from £75-£125 (average £100).


MooMooCoo have helped saved you £759.00 for the year. This is free money which is done completely online without additional frills.

Final words, my method above takes an additional step in your normal workflow. This additional step will help you save cash which you could even reinvest or save for a rainy day fund. There may be other websites like topcashback. The methodology is the same. Keep Saving Saving Saving!!






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