How to Cut your Monthly Expenses.

Welcome to my top 12 tips guide on how to cut monthly expenses for you and your family. This blog was inspired by my top QUORA ANSWERS in late 2017 which generated the highest top upvote and views of 2017.

1. Reduce your internet speed to Save Money.

We live in a world of streaming and no longer need to download everything. Honestly, a simple broadband s sufficient and not need for superduper Optic-Fibre. If you live in a city centre area, I would recommend getting unlimited phone data with your mobile provider which includes tethering. Then you don’t need home internet.

2. Buy a new phone every 4 years.

No one needs a new phone every two years because the operating system gets updated every two months! Always buy the top of the range phone outright! This way you know you will fall in love with the phone for a long long time. Try to sustain the love for 4 years. This way you would save at least $700-$1000 every two years. For your phone contract, always stick to a sim only with all the data perks.

3. Good Quality Coffee Machine and Beans.

When I watch the baristas at Starbucks preparing my Latte it looks so easy. In actual fact, it is very easy. Go treat yourself to a sexy coffee machine and get a coffee grinder. This way you can try various coffee beans whenever you travel. Imagine waking up in the morning and spending 5 minutes preparing your coffee in a travel tumbler before you leave for work. You will save $5 every morning.

PS: Nespresso does not count. That damn sexy George Clooney Advert is expensive per capsule!

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4. Divorce with your Subscriptions.

You only have 24 hours a day (sleep 7 hours) and how can anyone utilise all those subscriptions? Cut down Netflix, Google drive, Photo backup, Adobe Lightroom subscription which was $50 a month! Now I am with Amazon Prime for all the services above!

5. Get Fit, Live Longer and Save Money.

Run or Cycle to Work at least twice a week (10 miles), I have lost 10KG save $7 a week on fuel. Quit the Gym as well which was $50 a month! I started running marathons and putting it in my CVs. Trust me your interviewers are more impressed with a healthy candidate than an obsessed individual.

6. Jamie Oliver 15 minute meal can save you Money.

Cook and bring home cook for lunch rather than spend $8 on lunch every weekday. Honestly cooking at home is far cheaper and healthier. Try buying organic healthy food for weeks cooking and packing lunch every day of the week. I can guarantee you to save more money and eating healthy at the same time. In summer you can eat in the park and watch beautiful people pass by. In Winter you can fatten yourself up with healthy fats.

7. Serve a Banquet for your friends to save money and gain popularity.

I only eat out only once a month. Sound boring but I was eating out twice a week before! Saved $50 a week. In summer we do loads of picnic and potluck with friends. Cook for friends and dinners! Honestly, you can serve a feast with butchers ordered meat or freshly caught seafood from the fisherman off the boat. Who needs Michelin restaurant when you can serve that fresh lobster on a platter for under $20.

8. Insurance Comparison Website

Go to comparison website and switch my insurance for home, car, boiler, travel, utilities. I honestly save up about $500 every year with cash back with link below.


Always use topcashback before you shop for anything online. There is always a cashback from the most online store.

For insurances, I use the comparison website to compare, find the top 4 cheapest deal. Check if any good cashback from topcashback and then do the insurance search individually. I have done annually for house, car, boiler, travel insurance and utility (which is mandatory to have)

Even for travels I use topcashback for deals

All in all, I save up to average $500 a year, some good years $1000.00. Cause I was buying a new phone and laptop in 2014.

9. Night Time Rider

I don’t watch TV at night, instead, I maximise my night productivity like blogging, stock photos and tuition to make extra cash. If you are young then push your passion! Make money on the sidelines.

10. Free Spotify

Reduce unnecessary required insurance and subscriptions. Get free Spotify from my phone provider.

Or find a few friends and start a family subscriptions and share the cost between 6 of yous.

11. Sell your Garage, not your kidneys!

Instead of finding money to fund your next gadget to toys, why not sell those unwanted items in your loft and garage. This way you can do more with the income; like rainy day savings?

The modern-day eBay/Craiglist/Gumtree apps are so easy to use.  Take a snapshot, copy Amazon description of the item and then publish! All in 3 minutes! So whats your excuse today?

12. Save Before you Spend and NOT Spend before you save!!!

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