How to be a UK ISA MILLIONAIRE in 13 years!

Are you the Next UK ISA MILLIONAIRE?

The chances of winning the Euro Millions is about 1 in 140,000,000 each time you buy a ticket for each draw. The Jackpot can vary from £10m to £300m depending on the roll over. I have tried it myself several times. Three hours before the draw, I would be dreaming of my first buy if I ever win the jackpot. Three minutes after the draw, I ripped my ticket and regretted the £10 thrown into the drain.

Many UK residents do not comprehend how generous the government provides tax payers who save money! Yes, its all about the ISA, ISA, ISA. I have been blogging many times over the course of my career to stress how fantastic the UK ISA programme is. As written on the tin, UK ISA is a tax free programme which limits a contribution of £20,000 per year (2018/19 tax year).

If you invest this £20,000 in stocks and shares and turned it into £1m, the entire amount of money is TAX FREE!!

UK ISA is 20 years old in 2019. There have only been a handful of ISA millionaires. From 1999 till 2019, the maximum allowable ISA contribution is £206,560. 

In the last 20 years, according to Financial Times, there are 113 ISA millionaires from Hargreaves Lansdown, 20 from Charles Stanley Direct and 10 from Fidelity. 

All these millionaires ISA are from the ISA Stocks and Shares programme. Thats 5 times multiple fold in 20 years!

Types of ISA Accounts


Yes, there is a formula on how to be a UK ISA Millionaire in 13 years! 

If you and your partner work together, each contributing the maximum £20,000 each and combine to £40,000. At the same 7% growth and 2% dividend reinvestment, you will reach your tax free ISA combined millionaire portfolio in 13 years!

Maximise your ISA allowance. If under 40, invest UK ISA Stocks and Shares up to £16,000. Also open a UK Life-Time ISA £4,000; the government will contribute £1,000 each year until age of 50 years old.

For Single Investors; assuming you max your ISA every year at £20,000. With an average growth of 7% a year and 2% dividend reinvestment, you will reach your tax free ISA millionaire portfolio in 19 years!

To achieve this benchmark you need 4 key principal elements


The hardest part of this millionaire project is actually saving £20,000 a year. I struggle myself to be honest. Over 50% of UK household do not even have £1,000 savings in their bank savings. Everyone literally lives by the month with the aid of Credit and Store cards month after month.

Honestly I can go on for next 50 mins on how you can start savings….however it will not work. Savings is not a financial diet! You can do it for 30-60 days and when Summer Holidays or Christmas Holiday comes around; most likely to be broke again. Lifestyle needs a major overhaul. The one other way which you can discipline yourself is to find a side hustle. Savings can only go so far with your current salary/wages. Make sure you find multiple streams of income. 

I myself is a father of three jobs a day. Engineer by morning, Investor by day and written by night. I find means of making money online at night from my computer alone without leaving the house.

Final Words,
I hope you find this article inspiring and I really hope from the bottom of my heart you would actually start an ISA account, start saving, learn how to invest and hopefully side hustle on your free time.

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