How much time should I be spending on my Financial Investment?

Portable technology and 4G internet in 2017 have really boost the equity investment & trading sector with apps on our mobile and tablet devices. Every breaking news, public company announcement to trading tips can be found right in our palm. This helps a investor or trader makes easy decision in their next move on the financial market all over the world. How much time should we be spending on our financial investment?

Millennial are group of people born in the 90’s who are in their mid twenties in 2017. They are also known to be consistently spending too much time on their mobile device living the full benefits of the internet world. On the other hand ‘Consumer Traders’ is a group of people (age range from 30-45 years old) known to be consistenly spending time on their mobile devices using their trading apps for spread betting, CFD, Options and Futures.

With the decline of online gambling since 2015, many users have opt for the financial trading path hoping to gain some financial glory in a short amount of time. Everyone thinks they are investing their cash but in fact they are simply gambling their money in an extremely high risk environment. This is not investing but trading their savings away.

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The main problem with this highly addictive day time trading is the interruption with daytime activities such as work or day ‘real’ job. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsaap, Amazon, Youtube, Netflix is already taking too much internet time. Trading apps can take up lot of your time and can be extremely disruptive at work.

First and foremost I am strongly advising readers to spend our valuable time and money on Investment and not Trading. Investment focuses on long term growth, discipline portfolio execution and hopefully retire as a millionaire. Investment requires careful planning and time spend on research before executing on procurement of shares and stocks of the preferred company. Let me explain in the infographics below how much time we should essentially be spending on our investments.

Invesment Time

Its very simple. A full time day job in the modern can last between 7.5 hours to 12 hours depending on the occupation. The time spend on this day job will generate enough income for us to pay our mortgage, food, bills and internet fees.

As investor we should only be spending not more than 2,4 hours daily monitoring our portfolio, execute trades, read up and educate ourselves with daily information. This 2.4 hours should be only spend in the evenings and during work lunch time hours. Please do not jeopardise your day job and hinder your performance at work. Remember to prioritise what is going to feed your family. Investment would only generate a substantial amount of income after a long period of time. An investor should only be investing and forget about it.

So remember to stick to investing only and do not let the trading habits take over your daily role.





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