How do I manage 3 Jobs a Day?

3 Jobs a Day,......seriously?

This month, June 2018, is my first year anniversary as a blogger on I would like to share my journey and inspire my readers how I squeeze productivity from my precious time. I do not sacrifice my work, family-time or weekends to make all this happen. Yes, Yes and Yes, I have 3 jobs a day which I fullfil almost 5-7 days a week.

How is it possible to have 3 different jobs in a single day? Is it legal or anyway possible to manage 3 jobs a day? These 3 jobs also pay and contribute to my early retirement funds

Let me begin my journey by sharing two great inspirational quotes which inspired me so much in the last five years.

jack ma quotes
warren buffett quotes

3 Jobs a Day,......why?

We cannot turn back time, therefore we should not waste time as well. Every passing year, our metabolism reduces, youth creeping away and precious time with our love ones disappearing. In all honesty, I just want to make more money, retire early and simply spend more time with my kids, family and do the things I love. Retiring early means, I do not have to wake up and put on a shirt to work for 8.30am. When I retire, I want to be in my Batman costume (onezie) till lunchtime cause it makes me feel important.

For now I really enjoy the balance of the three jobs and I look forward to start the next when one ends. One simple reason. 

I have found that rewarding passion and drive to wake up every single day.

Passionate & Driven job is something which you can relentlessly push pass barrier after barrier and determine to get better without counting your steps.

Three years ago, I quit video games and watching tv. I spend an average of almost 4 hours every evening after work on either of these two unproductive, unprofitable and unaccountable activity. Worse of all, I have been doing it most of my life.

3 Jobs a Day,......what are they?

Professional Engineer

My main 9-5 weekday engineering consultancy job in the leading Oil and Gas Industry. An industrial career which I wanted since I was 15 years old.

This is my primary job which currently brings in 85% of the family income. When I leave my work desk, everything is left at the desk (all responsibilities and mentally).

Personal Investor

A passive income job which grows my wealth between 15-25% a year. A self taught investor via extensive reading, research and online studying.

This passive income is mainly stocks and shares investment. Occasional personal property management as required.


This is my job in my final 2 hours before bed. I've always love to teach therefore blogging to the worldwide web audience and helping family on improving financial matters.

Responding and engaging with my readers on a weekly basis. Speaking to my sponsors and publishers. Self branding and article research. Currently brings in 0.5% income.

3 jobs a day

Currently my primary professional engineering job is my priority as more than 85% of the income is driven by it. Priorities sits around this job over the other two jobs. However I manage to squeeze in my second passive investment job in between times which allows me to make quick decision and execute. With an establish long term portfolio, there is really minimal activity required over the long term period.

The third job is mainly conducted at nights and weekends. Currently the earnings is less than 0.5% and working as a single one-man band. Writing, sharing, blogging, teaching about money and investment to communities alike is what I enjoy. A lot of reading is also required on branding, marketing, SEO & web technical contents and self promotion is conducted on the third job.

My daily schedule is fully packed and I make sure I accomplish the task and not be behind my expected schedule. All this hard work accompanied by my drive to achieve early retirement. 

Most of these tasks and routine have been greatly supported by our modern technology. All the scheduling, planning, task execution and automation and alerts are supported by my cast of APPS on my iPhone.

Supporting Cast.

I have tried many apps and application and these are the ones I highly recommend to boost your productivity.

Please Note that these recommendations are referral which would help me gain a few pennies from these super duper rich companies.If you feel like tipping me, please click on these apps.

Professional Engineer

Personal Investor

  • Yahoo Finance - I use this app at three key times of the day!
  • Bloomberg - Free 30mins TV for my commute to work.
  • Hargreaves Lansdown - I check my P&L here for all my UK portfolio
  • Morning Star - An Honest Opinions from Fund Managers. Gems found here!
  • Financial Times - Quality Information. When these folks say it, it sets in stone!
  • QUORA - Follow me on QUORA (CLICK HERE)
  • IG Trading - I use this on Sunday evenings to check on futures before Monday Morning.
  • Ticker - I pay about $1.50 a month. Best portfolio manager on your phone. This one gives me alerts to execute trades. This is an app which makes have helped me made at least £50k profit! No Joke!
  • PODCAST - Jim Cramer and Bloomberg Podcast below are my Favs!


  • SiteGround - I host with SiteGround! (Click Here)
  • EverNote - (Click Here) this is my most important app!
  • Canva - I create alot of beautiful artwork on this blog!
  • Adobe Spark - another beautiful site for artwork creation for my blog.
  • Twitter - the most important social media platform for bloggers!
  • Podcast - Darren Rowse is my idol! He seems to be readin my mind every-time with his podcast.

Final Words...

Lets get straight to the point. Stop wasting your time and start getting productive. Do something you love. It could be acting, singing, saving dolphins, cooking, making miniature hairclips and so on. You do not want to reach 60 and retire without any passion for anything. Simply because you have forgotten what you love to do or its too late in life to achieve it. 

My ultimate goal is for my Job#2 to generate income equal to Job#1. I can retire and focus on job #3.

If I can achieve three jobs and raising a family at the same time, so can anyone. 

I really want you to comment and share your passion with me! 


Dr Alex Koh
Founder and CEO of
Family Finance Made Simple

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