Family Unit Portfolio

Let me show you how to build a shares portfolio to grow your family wealth.

Having that financial peace of mind, opens up to more quality time.

Welcome to F.U. Portfolio

This is MooMooCoo family personal growth portfolio which focuses on high growth value companies. This balanced portfolio took several years to save and build. Now the portfolio is autonomous and activities are actioned when expected stocks price are triggered.

This F.U. Portfolio was created in September 2015.

Investment Rules

The purpose of this F.U. portfolio is long term hold to allow the invested company to achieve its potential growth. To reduce the risk level, shares are only purchased at a calculated undervalue at the time of assessment. 

The goal of this F.U. portfolio is to beat the S&P500 and other popular manager funds portfolio.

Latest Update 13th October 2019

Benchmark since Inception
(Sept 2015 - October 2019)

F.U.Portfolio Return
Overall Yield - 105.04%
CAC 40 Index (France)
Overall Yield 42.48%
S&P 500 Index (US)
Overall Yield 66.78%
Dow Jones Industrials Index (US)
Overall Yield 80.81%

Since Inception

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Screenshot 2019-10-24 at 23.29.33