F.U. Portfolio July 2018

F.U. Portfolio – July 2018 Update

The Reveal.

Welcome to the first update of F.U. portfolio which stands for Family Unit portfolio. This is one of our family’s self managed trust funds where savings are invested in equity stocks and shares to create more wealth.

This F.U. investment trust funds started back in September 2015 during the lows of the global Oil  crisis. We notice an opportunity and as a family collaboratively decide to take the risk.


FU portfolio 130618

The F.U. Portfolio is currently up by almost 101% in under three years. Started from September 2015 to July 2018. This portfolio is beating all the other major indexes and major funds.

This is how I turned £100k into £200K without working too hard!

Starting Moves.

The first few shares purchases was Shell, GSK, TTWO and Disney. As of today the top five holdings are as follow:-

Activision Blizzard is a company which I known since my teenage days back in the 90s. Back in 2017, I wrote an article on how the company would grow into a top global value company in the next decade with the rise of E-Sports. I have been actively buying shares since the early $30s and continually topping up every time it sees a drastic dip.
Not investing in Facebook would be silly as I spend alot of my time of my day on that social networking website.  With Facebook expanding into videos and shopping  social network, I feel my life is dependent on it. I started buying facebook at $70s and buying more as I go along. Facebook is one of the fastest growing company with highest profit margin (more than 40%). Its like selling ice from water.
Shell was one of the first few ventures where they were bought during the early 2015 Oil over supply crisis. Now these shares are generating an annual dividend income of 10-11%.
Amazon and Apple are my long term holders. Only regrets is not buying enough during the early stages. Its lessons like these where I try to focus more time on savings and income rather than monitoring my portfolio. Investment portfolio needs constant supplement of cash to allow it to grow and capture investment at a discounted price. Never expect a lump sum cash injection to create wealth for you.

Last Three Moves.

Google @ $1069

May 2018, Currently +8%

Kraft Heinz @ $56.50

May 2018, Currently +10%

Take Two @ $96.00

March 2018, Currently +30%


The main focus for the upcoming quarter is to build cash holdings and  top up already owned companies such as Disney, Google and Amazon.
Other future holdings should include disruptive technology shares such as:-
Thanks for reading.


Dr Alex Koh
Founder and CEO of MooMooCoo.com
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