found 500 in my garage

Found £500 in my Garage and grew by 7% in two weeks.

On the 20th April 2018....

The first quarter of 2018 was quite a tough month financially. Plenty of surprising outgoings on the go, from medical bills, car repairs, macbook pro failure, house repair and the list goes. The emergency fund was dented from the ongoing surprises at start of the year. My personal monthly investment saving funds had to be on hold for at least 3 months. On a Saturday afternoon in April, I stumble into £500.00 in my garage! Honest! 

Aladdin's Cave.

Let me be more specific. I did not stumble into a £500 cash instead I found junk which is  still worthy to others. Yes, this is similar to an episode of ‘Garage Wars’. Back then I was intending to clear out my garage and prepare the bikes for the kids for the start of summer. Most of these items we  still in good conditions. It took me about 5 minutes with my mobile snapping pictures of the items. From the lot there were baby push-chair, golf clubs, old computer stands, kids roller blades, mechanical tools, baby feeding chair and many more. Over lunch time, I decided to post these items with quick 30 words descriptions on Gumtree and Facebook marketplace. 

Two hours later my phone notification came in for the baby twin stroller at £120. Buyer came an hour later with cash in hand! Over the course of a couple of days, I manage to clear about 75% of the posted items. The remaining 25% of the items was later donated to Charity. Now I have a cleared garage and approximately £500 in my hand.

Fully Invested on the 26th April 2018

Later on 26th April, I deposit the £500 into my personal bank account and transfer to my Hargreaves Landsdown account within 20 minutes. With the volatility in the US market from the China Trade wars, I decided to invest on the super low cost (0.07%) index on the US market. The index consist of mainly S&P500 companies. In the end, I invested a total of £600 (including my existing amount in the cash holdings). 

As of today, the index have grew from 420.9GBx to 449.96Gbx, thats a quick 7% return in such a short amount of time. Its all about the market timing. I am investing for long term so I shall leave the money sitting there for many years and forget about it.

Final Words.

The items in the garage have zero value to me. However these items could be worth alot to others. Utilising Gumtree and Facebook market place is simple, quick, no delivery and FREE. If I left these items in the garage for longer, they may not be fit for use or further depreciate in value. I manage to successfully appreciate the value further by investing them into equity stocks and shares. 

I hope this inspires all of you to do the same in the next couple of weeks. Go spring clean your garage and loft, who knows what you might stumble into. Remember to invest them if you can to grow your wealth further!



Dr Alex Koh
Founder and CEO of
Family Finance Made Simple

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