First 5 Steps to achieving your freelance dream job.

I want to be my own boss

After speaking and interviewing 15 successful entrepreneurs in 2018, there was indeed ONE COMMON theme! Most of them finished a degree, entered their job career and gave their very best. Looking back at their success, 14 entrepreneur said that being your own Boss is King! Being able to make key decision and driving their business to the direction and expectation. 

Not everyone is destined or brave enough to venture into the entrepreneurs world. Big sacrifices, large capital and enormous amount of will power. Freelancing is a first step to built your confidence and plans step by step (for less risk takers). At my SIDE HUSTLE section, I will be sharing low capital, easy startup freelance dream job and money making.

5 starting steps to your freelance dream job.

When it comes to working for yourself, many people can often want to do this at some stage in their lives. It could be that you have always had an idea for a business that you can do. Something you feel passionate about or want to do as a passion project. Or maybe it is circumstances or your lifestyle that dictates the need for change. Working from home or for yourself could provide flexibility that works around your health or your family. Whatever the motivation, now might be the time to do it. But how do you get a start up off the ground? Here are some of the things to think about.

1. Have the idea and nurture it

One of the first things you need to think about is to have the idea of what you want to do in the first place. It is all well and good knowing that working for yourself is the answer, but you also need to be able to have something that you can work on. Not everyone has the luxury of leaving a job straight away, and also stopping a consistent wage. Having an idea that you can nurture and work towards, will help you utilise your spare time, and ultimately make some changes to help bring the idea to life in terms of a start up business.

2. Think about the finances

The next thing you want to think about would be your finances. A start up business can’t just begin from nothing and often some investment is needed to help get you off the ground. Be that to order in stock to sell or as a set up cost for things like a website etc. But, you could also think about things like tax breaks and other investment options. This is when thinking about an account such as Metric seis tax relief options could work in your favour. If you have the savings and the investment then you will also want to take some time out to look at creating a business plan so you know the actionable steps you want to take.

3. Where could you work from?

Many new businesses start at home, and there is nothing wrong with this. In fact, it can make total financial sense as the overheads are so low. But, having said that, you still need to be able to work sensibly from home. So you might want to think about having a dedicated working area. This could be a space in your home that just has a desk area, or if you can a room that you could dedicate to being your office. As long as you can distinguish the difference between work and home life, you will find that you stroke that balance a lot more easily.

4. How will bring this to fruition?

Next, how will you bring this idea to life? Often people start in the spare time and evenings, whenever they can to build a presence and gain some traction on their business. Once it gets to the stage where you would benefit from the extra time, or you need to pursue more time to it, this is when you could make your start up your freelance dream job. Good luck.

5. a plan

Finally, a step which everyone (including myself) underestimate and fail big time. A plan is something which everyone needs to sit and think carefully about. Without a plan, we would deviate and waste our energy on non-productive agenda and lose track of our objective and progress.

A Perfect Plan is a myth, unless you have a time travel machine. A simple plan of YOUR OWN which you would make small tweaks over time and follow. Everyone has a different plan and make sure you own yours!

Good luck.

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