February 2018 Virgin Portfolio Update

The month of February 2018 have been a very interesting month of drama. The global stock markets entered correction territory where worldwide major stock exchange indices drop more than 10%. I personally do not believe this is the end of the market correction. I am expecting to experience more market correction the the next few week or months as the global market is slightly higher. Without wasting any more time, lets visit how the Virgin Portfolio fare against the market drama.

Feb 18 Portfolio Movements

Sold AMD in time before the drop to make room for other shares.
Sold HL UK Growth at 20% profit. Do not envisage UK to recover anytime soon.
Topping up on Apple, Paypal & Tencents for long term hold.
Taking oppurtunity to buy Starbucks while its low.

  • Bought More - Apple at $157
  • Bought More - PayPal at $77
  • Bought New - Starbucks at $57
  • Bought More - Tencents at $57
  • Sold AMD - $12.55
  • Sold HL UK Growth Funds

Feb 19 Benchmark

Razer and Marks and Spencer have drag the portfolio down slightly. The Portfolio overall have lagged Dow Jones and Nasdaq by 8% and 3% respectively.

Strategy and WatchList

For the next few months, I would like to raise more capital on this funds. Cash is running low and its hard to part with any shares in this portfolio as they are all for long term play.

  • Raise more Cash
  • Considering Risk Transfer M&S shares for either Rio Tinto or Legal&General
  • Watching MacDonalds Shares
  • Watching CRM & Raytheon
  • Potentially Selling IQE when it goes beyond 150gbx to hold cash
  • Trying to avoid UK shares until Brexit is certain


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