F.U. Portfolio – October 2019 Update

UP 105% so far
F.U. Portfolio - October 2019

It has been more than a year since the last update.

We are proud to share (F.U. Portfolio – October 2019) that we are 105% up since September 2015 and beating other major index world wide in the same time frame. This is my family fund stock picking portfolio which has more than doubled since I took charge. I make every single decision based on my research without any professional help whatsoever.


On the comparison chart above; US S&P 67%, US Dow Jones 81% and CAC40 42%. 

My personal tailored investment funds are blowing the index out of the water.

Regional Bias - US Market Growth!

By region, the F.U. Portfolio – October 2019 is heavily weighted on the US market compared to emerging markets and EU markets. With the ongoing Trade War, the Chinese emerging market have been trim effectively. Like wise EU-Brexit saga, growth have been significantly affected, with similar reductions of stocks in these regions. 

In my previous article, I have recommended FREETRADE.IO for UK investors to invest in US markets with free commissions or £1 per trade. Read this blog for details.

I have a few referrals remaining for us both to possible win up to £200 of a single share for free with sign up of min £1. This is only accessible by direct email referral. (alexkoh@moomoocoo.com)

From my last 5 years experience, US market is still the largest economy in the world with excellent growth potential.

+25.07% in 2019 alone!

2019 has been a high risk year with trade tensions and high volatility in global markets. 
Reflecting on 2019 alone, my F.U. Portfolio have gone 25.07% as from 1st Jan to 24th October 2019.

Despite the rough patch of decline in Q4 2018, shares on US stocks were held. An upward trend reversal was seen till May 2017. As shown in my July article (here), 50% of the US shares was sold to collect the realized profit gains. With the tension, on trade wars, the shares did fall up till September 2019. After that period, I started repurchasing only good valued stocks. Many of the buys in September and October 2019 were bought lower during the cycles.

The key Move of 2019

Out of the sold off in May 2019, only apple stocks soared 12% higher. However, this still did not affect the performance gained by the F.U. Portfolio, the overall gain today as of 24th October 2019 is resulted at 25.07%. This move helped to avoid loses between the bear market dips from June to August 2019. Reinvesting after September 2019, helped capture undervalued stocks at the upward trend cycle thereafter.

Back in mid May 2019, I did have a sell-off of up to 50%. However in first week of June 2019, I timed the bottom barrel and bought Nvidia, Facebook and Baba shares. All these was announced on my Facebook Page. So do follow me  more for future updates.

8 key shares which I bought and resulted in the 25.07% gain for year 2019.

Step 1 - Buy Good Companies on the Dip

Facebook Shares is my favourite and my Top 3 holdings for my overall portfolio combine (Personal and F.U. Portfolio). If you follow me on Coo’s Hot Stocks page and also my 2018 article on FB recommendation, I always speak highly of Facebook shares. Bought more FB shares on September 2019 at $177 and will be buying each time it dips below $180. Amazon Shares is the second investment of only 1 single share as they are still very expensive to own. I am expecting volatility but will be re-buying more as long as it goes below $1750.

Fiverr Shares and Morgan Stanley Shares are my two new entries in the portfolio. Fiverr is still a young unicorn IPO company. On the other hand, they are the most established freelancer in the online marketplace. I’ve manage to secure it in the lower $20s and currently enjoying a gain of +26.68%. I am still expecting volatility to even as low as $15. This is because the IPO is still lock in till November 2019. IPO lock in period last 6 months, where original investors are not allowed to sell off their shares within the grace period.

Morgan Stanley is an addition to allow my portfolio to enjoy some dividend returns (3-4%) as well as diversification into finance (away from techs). In comparison to Goldmans Sach shares, Morgan Stanley has a better valued entry price at $40.20.  Check out my detail blog analysis here.

Step 2 - Do not listen to Wallstreet & Buy future growth.

My phone alerted via my yahoo app back on the Friday evening, when Netflix was dipping below the $260 alert threshold. Despite rivals from Disney, Apple, HBO and host of other companies grabbing the streaming industry pie. I am confident, Wallstreet have shorted Netflix wrongly and will suffer in the longer term. Check out my detail blog analysis here (Same goes for Square).

The wall street is wrong about using subscription numbers to judge Netflix’s growth. I am taking advantage of the dip and getting back on the Netflix bandwagon.


Step 3 - Uber is the real Deal

Uber shares and Pinterest shares are also 2019 Unicorn IPO companies which have dramatic volatility. Started off overpriced during its IPO pricing launch and now suffering a huge loss. I can only monitor and have eventually invested to capture this undervalued price. If they dip more than 20%, I will simply buy more. What does Uber and Pinterest have in common?

I am a happy customer of both companies. They help me save money on travel and marketing.

Uber is the best thing that has happened beyond 2010. Expensive cab price and lost in the middle of a brand new city? This app can helps take the stress off your holidays and business trips. Despite the controversies, copy cat and challenges; Uber is expanding and backed up by the world richest investors. Uber Deliveries, Uber Jobs, Uber Flights, Uber Logistics are simply a few of the potential expansion coming in the three years. The current valuation of Uber at $56bn looks expensive, but it is still cheaper than likes of Paypal ($90bn), Caterpillar ($75bn), FB($300bn) etc. 

Step 4 - Pinterest Trumps TikTok, Snap and Twitter combined

Pinterest on the other hand is still a young pup compared to Uber. The amount of users in Pintrest have exploded since their IPO. The website have become a tool to everyone of all ages. Pinterest is a pictorial way to navigate the interenet with information all presented ona  picture (Pin). Marketers and Advert companies are starting to realize the power of Pinterest away from Google and Facebook. Pinterest will grow more consistent users than Snap and TikTok combined.

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