Could Your Blog Be Making You More Money?

Blogging can be an excellent way to make money for yourself (side hustle). Many bloggers are finding success by blogging about their niche and connecting with an engaged income. Blogs can also form an important part of your business’ online presence, providing further ways to gain exposure and drive traffic to your website.

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Is your blog living up to its full potential? Take a look at some of the following tips to help your blog make more money from this side hustle.

Build a website that strikes a chord

One of the key things about making money from your blog is having a website that draws people in.


Your landing page should impress and dazzle to help keep people’s attention and encourage them to stick around read some posts.


There are different things you can do to make your blog more attractive such as a stand-out design, carefully placed elements and using modern, stylish fonts. While the content of your blog is the most important element, the design can go a long way towards helping you attract readers.

Optimise it for an easy win

If somebody lands on your website and finds that it’s slow-loading or that it isn’t suitable for mobile devices, then they’re going to go elsewhere.


Making your website mobile-friendly and ensuring the bandwidth speeds are as fast as you could afford are basic elements for creating a blog that delivers – so make sure you get them right.


These might seem like basic considerations, but it’s surprising how much of an impact they can have.

Boost your SEO

Your blog will stand a better chance of making money if the SEO is up to scratch.


If you’re only familiar with basic SEO, then you might want to think about bringing in experts who can help you to improve your SEO. A good SEO strategy will ensure that your posts make it into the top rankings of search engine results to help you bring as many visitors as possible to your blog.

Sell some ad space

When your blog is doing well, it becomes an attractive space for advertisers, with the potential to make some extra money by hosting some ads. The good thing about selling private ad space on your blog is that you can choose the advertisers and place the ads where you’d like them to be placed. Using other ad tools such as pay per click ads may not provide you with the same freedom and flexibility, and can look a lot more obvious when displayed on the page.

Start making the most of affiliate links

Affiliate links are a great way for your blog to make some money. You’re already recommending products and services to your readers – so you may as well make some money from it!


There are plenty of excellent tips for using affiliate links to help you boost your click-throughs – and using tools to create slideshows, widgets and galleries can help make your links and recommendations stand out to help you boost your blogging income.

Sell your expertise

As a blogger, you get to share your expertise and opinions with others and provide readers with insights, tips and advice that can help them in many ways.


Selling eBooks, online workshops and courses as well as providing templates, presets, etc. can help you to make some additional money from your blog. Developing a range of assets is something that you do for blog posts anyway, but through packaging them and making them exclusive content for your readers, you can side hustle and monetise them.

Strengthen your output with YouTube

YouTube is huge with content creators, and can be the next step forward from blogging to help you grow your income. By growing subscribers through your YouTube channel, you can develop a larger following and point them to your blog and vice versa to maximise your exposure.


YouTube is particularly popular with younger web users, and if you have something to offer in the form of a tutorial or advice you could help yourself to attract a wider audience. Embed your YouTube videos into your blog to help boost affiliate links as well as increase your view count.

Reach out for sponsorships and collaborations

One of the key ways that bloggers make money is through sponsorships and collaborations. The bigger your reader numbers, the more money you can command from reviewing and recommending products and working with companies to create great content. It is possible to earn money through sponsorships and collaborations through your blog and help to grow your audience at the same time. Take some time to think about the type of brands you’d like to work with and start putting together some pitches to show off your credentials and the value you have to offer a brand.

Add an online store

Many bloggers find success by adding an online store to their blog. Your store can sell anything so long as it’s relevant to your readers and you’re willing to work hard to drive sales. Many online store templates work well with WordPress and other blogging platforms to make the addition seamless and to help you keep everything in one place.

Make the most of social media

Social media is an easy and free way to give your blog a boost to encourage readership and monetise your site. Maintaining a social media strategy in addition to your blog content can be a struggle, but there are free scheduling tools available that can help you to make the most of your time and get results. Learning how to grow your blog audience through social media will help you increase your readership and hopefully boost your blogging income.


Blogging is the perfect platform to help you earn money. If you’re looking to retire young, then a blog has the potential to generate a good income that you can invest and grow in order to reach your retirement goals. Blogging is hard work, but if you play your cards right then you could turn yours into a success.


What are you waiting for? Start this side hustle by making more money from your blog now.


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