Coo'sHot Stocks - july 18 update

July 2018 Hot Stocks – Coo’s Update

We are reaching the peak of the Summer of 2018. Plenty of drama affecting the volatility and global growth of the economic market from Trump’s Trade Wars between United states and rest of the world. MooMooCoo have done the homework for you on what shares to focus and avoid.

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Unilever @ BUY HOLD

Unilever current price at > 4100gbx is not a time to buy. Owning the company at this stage is quite concerning with the HQ move back to Netherlands and also the removal from UK FTSE100. A great company but not trading at a cheap price. 

Shell @ hold SELL

Oil share price hitting 80 was the best time to offload Oil companies shares. Shell is a good company to own. However the company is still finding its identify on being a utility, green or hydrocarbon exploration company. Restructuring with leadership with company policies seems imminent in the near future. Previous Shell shares purchased below 1800gbx would be good to hold for dividend income or reinvestment. Previous Shell shares purchased at 2000gbx would be best to sell for immediate profit.


A company which is still growing its business globally. Most of the profit is from foreign currency exchange. It was announced in June that new shops opened in Bahrain airports, London stations and Taiwan airports. A small stable growth cap with dividends payout company to own for long term.

Ocado @ HOLD BUY

Ocado is starting to get serious. Selling its technology to clients  and upgrading online supermarket in US, Canada and Europe. This seems to be just the beginning for supermarket to protect themselves against Amazon. Another confident long term growth buy.

 BKG@ hold SELL

Time to sell and leave this boat. CEO keeps changing his mind and not keeping to his words long term. A potential further dividend cuts seems possible. 

Starbucks @ hold SELL

No one knows how will Starbucks innovate in the future. Selling overprice coffee was a novelty with a shop popping up at every city corner back in 2010. How long can this last for? Now everyone is trying to cut cost and making coffee at home. Its like a tobacco company with no new product. I am hoping Starbucks finds an answer.

Amazon Group @ HOLD 2X BUY

Amazon is not cheap. Amazon is overpriced. Amazon is too big. Do you know Amazon is still innovating and disrupting other industry sectors. Recently Amazon bought an online pharmaceutical company for online prescribed drugs distribution. Amazon also started a DIY business for self employed van drivers to expands its logistics capability. Amazon are also working on cloud gaming, where they share their powerful computer hardware by streaming the game online. Amazon momentum is not stopping. If you like risk, then buy Amazon above $1600. I am 2xBuy recommendation with high risk and potential high gain!

Boeing @ HOLD Sell

Trade war is definitely not good for Boeing. A company which potentiall could be the next big long term contract maintenance supplier because they sold 1000 aircraft to China. Or China pulls the plugs and go to Airbus. Take the profit off the tables for now.

 PayPal@ hold SELL

I love PayPal shares! Time to take some profit off your portfolio. PayPal is too expensive to use for merchants and personal users. Competition are coming up such as Adyen. Lets take profit and wait for another day.

BABA@ hold BUY

Baba can be traded or owned if it goes below $180. 


FB reach all time high. Time to hold and wait for the next big scene/thing.

Tesla@ hold Trade

Buy below 280 and Sell at 350. Seems to be working for a few good quarters. Need a strong heart to hang on.

BKR-B@ hold BUY

BRK-B can be owned at $183. Company has a lot of cash and always willing to wait for a good value company before buying a huge stake. It a long term slow growth.
Apple@ Buy Hold
Its time to hold Apple, until the bears strikes and drops it below 155. 


BMW is my favourite share of the Summer. With a low PE, sustainable growth, excellent dividends, un-price electric and self driving innovation. I can only see a bright future ahead for BMW.  A luxury goods company which always sets the bar high for its competitors. Read my recent report.

Adidas @ HOLD Sell

Time to take some profits. Re-Buy at 160.

Adyen @ Wait

IPO was launch in June 2018. Wait for at least a quarter before committing to the potential over-priced value. Read my recent report. 


Tencents @ HOLD BUY

Buy under 48 for TCHEY (US Ticker).

Razer @ HOLD Buy

I recommended the shares too early at HKD4. Now its worth HKD1.8. I still cannot see any close competitors to Razer. Innovation level of this company is close to Samsung and Apple. First company to come with a 144hz gaming phone. First company to introduced a keyboard triggered by light. This company will capitalised with the growth of E-Sports in the future. A really long long-term hold.

Taiwan Semiconductor @ Hold

Trade wars is not helping any semi conductor companies. Its time to wait until turbulent times to clear.


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