April 2019 Hot Stocks Update – Coo’s Hot Stocks

Bullish Market - April 2019 Hot Stocks

Welcome back to my new edition of Coo’s Hot Stocks Update April 2019 Edition. Firstly I would like to apologise for not updating this forum for the past 4 months. Personally, December to February is the worse time to buy or sell stocks because of Christmas and New Year’s blues where monies should be safe-kept for year-end credit card bills and expenses.

I am back now and feeling rather bullish. Not going into too many details on Brexit, Trade Wars, Cryptocurrency returns and the flat Emerging markets. Going straight in on my favourite stocks which I am eyeing and avoiding for the next 6-8 weeks.

Stocks which looks rather sexily attractive just now! (Buy)

Global Dividends

Yes, previously I have spoken a lot about Global Dividends and my one and only favourite are Lindsell Train Global. If I never had a clue about investing, I would just dump my life savings into this fund and get back o my normal life routine.

United Kingdom (V-H-S)

Vodafone = 5G = future. The race to nation supremacy is the next 5G protocol. The only safe haven I can invest is Vodafone at a slapping 9% dividends. Even if they cut their dividends by half, it would still be a whopping 4.5%. They are investing heavily, dynamic team, high debt and potentially high returns. Honestly, it is far better than betting on an AIM oil company.

HSBC. My HSBC dividends are growing more and more every year. In for the long term and their international business sustainability (not growth). Looking attractive nearing the GBP6.

Shell protects dividends to keep investor happy. Its been like this for years. Their debt control can be further improved however they are changing their business for the next 2 decades moving into utilities too. This means growing dividends in the long term.

United States (F-A-N)

I have always stood behind facebook since day one. All these scandals are just noises to me. They are a company with the highest margin in the business of over 35%. Apple and Amazon are hovering at 8-15% profit margin. With the future of social influencers, digital marketing and small business startup; Facebook and Instagram are just growing from their marketing business. Honestly, I am looking to push FB to be my top holding in the next 12-18 months.
Ali Baba
Chinese company listed in the US. Ali Baba has always been undervalued. They own an assortment of business which is still too early to gauge their real value. I invested plenty when they were at 120-130, and would be looking to invest if I have more left over funds!
Yes, I bought some under 150 and starting to see my returns. I need to buy more before they return to the 200 marks. Nvidia is not just a gaming card business. They are expanding and innovating to AI, Data Server and detached itself from Intel completely.

Stocks I would Avoid this year

Utilities Companies

I am offloading Utilities because they are too boring. Interest rates have not even gone up yet and they have stagnant like an injured beaver. Growing dividends is not impressing me enough. I am more worried about their debt. Infrastructures are getting old and require upgrades which needs a lot of bonds to be issued to fund them. This means diluting their share price despite the sexy dividends.

Amazon & Apple

Which of these A’s will do I kick out? I love Apple and my readers know it. They are starting to lose out on their innovation speed. We love their quality, but rivals are simply disgracing this mega capital company. They have just recently release services which would only win hearts from the US and Europe alone. India, China, South Americans and Africa will not pay for these services.

I do not shop on Amazon anymore. I do not pay for prime. I do not think Amazon cloud or AWS benefit me in any way. They are overvalued for now.


Linked will be the only try rival to Facebook. Watch this April 2019 hot stocks space.
I just want to add this so call Unicorn to our April 2019 hot stocks list to see how it will fall from grace.
The only high street retail company I would invest in our April 2019 hot stocks list.
I am surprised this is not already on the April 2019 hot stocks list!

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