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5 Reasons NOT To Start Spread Betting the Financial Market.

Spread Betting in simple terms is a platform aimed at the financial markets which allows you to trade on price movements. YES, Spread betting is a glorified educational form of gambling on the financial stock exchange. Spread betting in the UK is tax free. The Risk and Reward profile for this financial instrument is extremely high. You can easily turn your existing capital into multiple folds in a single trade. Equally you can lose your entire inheritance or wealth in a single trade if you forecast the market wrongly.

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5 reasons to sell your long term Shares Holdings.

Holding shares for long term have always been my number one priority. I’ve always tried to stick to basic fundamentals of identifying good steady future growth shares and owning that company. The first shares I sold made me about 35% profit, however the same share soared to three times from my purchased value 18 months later.

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How much time should I be spending on my Financial Investment?

Portable technology and 4G internet in 2017 have really boost the equity investment & trading sector with apps on our mobile and tablet devices. Every breaking news, public company announcement to trading tips can be found right in our palm. This helps a investor or trader makes easy decision in their next move on the financial market all over the world. How much time should we be spending on our financial investment?

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3 Key Steps Before Starting an Investment

Many people ask how I always go on holidays with my family and yet have enough money to invest? Why am I making investment sound so easy? How am I so relax about the ongoing inflation and increasing cost of good and services? It is not easy and it takes a lot of discipline and partnership teamwork within the family. These are my simplified three steps anyone must take before they dip into investments.

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Mid-Life Dilemma: Top School MBA versus Stock Investment Portfolio [Min Cost = £80,000]

Today I spoke to a collogue at work and found out that he got accepted for the Top Business School in Europe. The Fees for INSEAD Business school is 80,000 Euros which is not including accommodation and travel from his home country. My ambitious and smart colleague is 35 and hoping for a career boost with his MBA. I asked him, why not invest your £80,000 savings in 100% stock portfolio to grow your wealth? Lets break down the figures.

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