Women Investors are better stock picker than Men

When dealing with money, Women are less emotional compared to Men. Women knows how to protect her nest and always makes the best financial decision compared to men who are more vulnerable and susceptible to mistakes. I learned this from experience and seen the results with my very own eyes. Let me share you my evidence.

I Want To Retire Young!

Do you want to retire young? Imagine waking up at 8am and going to work for yourself or do the things you really love. Spend more time with your family and friends. Let me share 7 killer tips on how to plan for early retirement.

Lanzarote Family Vacation on a Budget.

Last Christmas I brought my family to get away from the cold winter to relax in the generous warm sunshine in beautiful Spanish islands of Lanzarote which is about 4 hours flight from Glasgow Scotland. Lanzarote is actually in the African continent but still part of the EU. I highly recommend the place for young family seeking a place to chill, self-cater and plenty of beaches to explore in the winter period.