How To Save Money On Just About Everything

When thinking about saving money, it’s not just about putting money away because you still have to live your life and you need to buy things, and you need to spend money. But there are ways in which you can do everything you need to do just more economically.

How to choose an Index fund for your Portfolio?

Index and Funds is the only way for a low capital portfolio to own a host of amazing companies in your portfolio. Buying a single share of Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple each would cost you almost $3,000. However, some index or funds allows you to own these four companies and other quality companies with a low capital of $100. This would encourage a self-investor to save more money every month for a contribution.

How to be a UK ISA MILLIONAIRE in 13 years!

Many UK residents do not comprehend how generous the government is to tax payers who save money! Yes, its all about the ISA, ISA, ISA. I have been blogging many times over the course of my blogging career to stress how fantastic the UK ISA programme is. As written on the tin, UK ISA is a tax free programme which limits a contribution of £20,000 a year in the 2018/19 tax year. If you invest this £20,000 in stocks and shares and turned it into £1m, the entire amount of money is TAX FREE!!