Aston Martin

Time to Buy Aston Martin Stock?

Its time to speak about Aston Martin Stock who is hovering around the 50p mark on Mid 2020. Is this company on the brink of bankruptcy or possibility of a turn around with the recent changes in 2020.

How to Invest £100 today?

In this video, I shall be sharing how I would invest with my own £100 today. Here I am demonstrating 5 key stocks with high growth potential which I would choose for my investment platform Trading212.

Time to Buy Oil Stocks? Is this the Bottom for Oil crash 2020?

In this video, I shall share three key sections. 1. The Timeline since the Oil crash on 9th March 2020. 2. Buying Points for Oil Companies. 3. Fundamental Trigger for Buying Oil Companies. Also, join me on Facebook for faster up to date information on the market and how to make profits from it. If …

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Rio Tinto Shares

7 Reasons to Buy Rio Tinto Shares Today

For the past two years, Rio Tinto shares has set the benchmark for shareholder returns within the mining sector Rio Tinto Ltd. It declared cash returns of strong $9.7bn and $13.5bn in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

7 Reasons to Buy Vodafone Shares Today!

It is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index with market capitalisation of approximately £52.5 billion as of February 2016, which is the eighth- largest of any company listed on London Stock Exchange. Recently, Vodafone shares is severely undervalued but here are 7 reasons why you should still consider it as a safe investment.