Artists Should Not Fear Going Freelance

Freelance Artist are gold Dust!

For my Side-Hustle readers, I would like to share that Artistic Skills in this generation is very lucrative side hustle. Being able to draw by hand and transform your work into a digital media can bring work instantly on your door step. This is the best form (Level 99) of low-cost tools and work from home side hustle. 

I was terrible at art when I was young. I picked up the Atari Controller before I picked up a pencil. My best art skills is drawing a stick-man with pretend chest muscles which looks like boobs. 

Fiverr is a place where i go for art work each and every-time I need cheap and quick turnaround logo, art and design for my clients work. This is the highest gross expense I have on my business thus far.

Freelance artist to business

Art is one of the few crafts in the world that shall forever remain timeless. The beauty of Mona Lisa will never be usurped by anything that is made from modern artistic methods. Sure it could be rivaled and equalled but the nature of drawing and paining will forever remain a very valued human expression. In this day and age, with so many modern solutions there is no reason for an artist to ever feel intimidated by going it alone. 

Many times artists will look for work that isn’t their true aim and use their skills in the world of business itself. There’s nothing wrong with that as many artists earn a brilliant salary working for companies like BMW and Gucci. Marketing teams are always looking for new artists with unique ideas so they can use them in their designs. Sometimes you just need to have an artistic brain to see things differently

However this doesn’t mean you should not go it alone and start working for yourself.

It’s natural to be hesitant but here are some ways you can increase your chances of success.

Let me share 3 areas which you can venture for Freelance Artist.

Indie gamers need you

Independent games studios have shot up in numbers over the past decade. Individuals with programming skills and a thirst to create their own stories and characters, need someone like you. You can turn your side hustle into a fulltime job if you play your cards right. Epic and Steam both have stores that are open to accepting indie games, because they are new, challenging the norms, exciting and quite reasonably priced. However one thing that many of these young studios and projects lack is an artist who can design their worlds, characters, weapons, gadgets, vehicles and so much more.

If you have gone to a modern art school then no doubt you will already know about digital drawing and using software to create designs. You still have the option of drawing by hand but it’s done using electronic equipment such as sensor pads and laser pencils. Go onto various job sites and look to work with such independent games studios. They would love to hire freelancers as their situations matches up with yours. They might not be able to hire and pay an employee a salary, but they can happily pay artists via commission.

Cultures and events

If you are in the animation culture you’ll know that many sub-cultures have grown and grown over the years. The comic book scene is larger than ever with multiple events being held all through the year. Hollywood is literally making money hand over fist because of the recent explosion in superhero movies. You should try to understand these cultures and go to events with drawings and paintings depicting characters and various scenes. You can even pay a fee to set up your own stalls at such events and have thousands of people come and take a look at your artwork.

Using a system like a mobile point of sale you can make purchases quickly with cards. The card is simply read by the product and once you have set everything up, the money will be transferred into your account. It’s much like card reader that you see retail businesses use however, it’s much easier to use and is easily portable. If you’re selling artworks for a premium or medium price then you won’t want to carry around a large register that’s heavy and full of your earnings. Most people want to do their purchasing via credit cards anyway and fewer and fewer people carry hard cash on their person when they go out.

Banners and wallpapers

There’s a new market for artists to earn a living in that involves creating custom art. YouTube content creators who want to start their channels off with the best intent, need artists to draw unique and customised art for their channel backgrounds. Usually there are artist boards that are specifically open to requests from content creators which you can easily find on the internet. However you can also advertise your services on YouTube itself by making a video of the kinds of things you can do and what the charges for your services would be.

Artists have so many options to go it alone. Before the modern age of the internet, artists would work for architects doing drawings for their projects etc. however it can be quite lucrative to go it alone completely and simply charge for your services online. Going to events to tap into a unique market that is very hot right now, is definitely something you should consider.

Final Words...

If I have good digital art flow skills, I would be creating animation art for youtube or kids channel. 

If I had good character drawing skills, I would be creating free comics online and earning adverts from the website.

If I have good flat abstract art, I would open a digital marketing business for content new business start up.

Honestly, I can go on all day on the skills set I do not posses. I hope this inspire those who have a good pair of creative hands and large imagination mind. Now go freelance artist side hustle!


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