An Engineered Investor

Dr Alex Koh
Engineer, Investor & Writer

Doctorate in Engineering, applying my research and analytical skills into shares investing. Financial maths is easy for me. Many clients have endorsed my Layman’s style of simplification to keep the investment as simple as possible.



Here to provide education and help you build that confidence to start your own self-mange investment. I want you to take control of your hard earn monies. Also sharing everything which the financial people do not want you to know!

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My 3 Key Investing Principles

Investing is all about taking control of your finances. Teach yourself first before you can teach your kids the successful way of financial management.

1. Savings

Wealth is not about how much you make but how much you can save each month after expenses.

2. Investments

Investments allows you to sleep like a baby at night knowing that your cash is working for you when you are resting

3. Hustle

Never be content with just one job. With a pair of hands and a capable mind you can create endless oppurtunities for yourself.

My Current Top 3 largest Stocks

These are my current Top 5 largest holding stocks. Last update September 2020.


Work with me

I am always open to colloborative work from sponsorship, advertisment, podcasting and project scopes. Please feel free to reach out to me for anything or even a simple brain storm session to get something going.